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 Tapir, outside his House.
The story starts with the introduction of Tapir, a magical tapir capable of creating dreams. The goal of the game is to rescue Princess Mua, who has been captured by the evil wizard Baku. He has also captured the fairy Cocoron, something you find out after rescuing his brother, Cocorin, from the Fairy Queen. Eventually, after helping various people across the world, you find Princess Mua trapped in an egg just outside the Fairy Forest. It is at this point that it is revealed that Tapir is actually the evil wizard Baku, and he intends to eat all the dreams. However, the player beats him twice and stops him from fulfilling his ambitions, saving the world in the process.


Instead of progressing through levels in a linear fashion, you choose a path leading from one level to another via a map screen. Levels are determined by which two areas are linked, meaning there are 15 possible levels to play through. This does not include the levels near the end of the game, which the player progresses through in a linear fashion. You start at the House, and can return at any time to switch characters. The only exception is during the final levels, wherein the last character you played as is the only one remaining, and all others need to be rescued in Baku's Castle.
Level Name and LocationBoss
 Fairy Forest
 Fairy Queen
 Trump Castle
 Star Hill
 Harvest Moon
 Milk Sea
 Flint the Pirate
 Ice-Fire Mountain
Silver Dragon

General Gameplay

 The player fighting against a boss: the Silver Dragon.
Like other platformers, the player progresses through levels, shooting enemies and jumping from platform to platform. When killed, enemies drop eggs. These eggs contain either hearts (used to restore HP), extra lives, invincibility orbs, or icons of whatever weapon the player has equipped, used to level up said weapon at least four times. These upgrades not only make the weapon more powerful, but also change how the weapon behaves. For example, shurikens eventually shoot out from multiple directions, umbrellas shoot multiple projectiles upward, pencils cover a wider area and fire more projectiles, etc. Large eggs occasionally appear within levels, housing either the previously mentioned power-ups, or a few enemies. At the end of each level waits a boss, although it only needs to be fought once, meaning subsequent playthroughs of the level will not end with a boss fight; in fact, several bosses actually help you after beating them. When fighting, the HUD is changed to reflect both the player's health and the boss's.

Character Customization

 The character customization screen.
One of the main features of Cocoron is the ability to create up to six completely unique characters. There are 8 classes of head, body, and weapon, each with three, two, and one choice, respectively. Therefore, there are over 3000 possible characters to create. Although each body contains an exclusive ability (tanks don't slide down slopes, boats float on water, wings/jets can float temporarily, etc.), this only holds true for each class of body; the choice of a specific body is mostly an aesthetic one, something that also applies to the heads. Each body/head type also comes with a certain weight and HP count. Weight determines how high a character can jump and how fast they move: HP affects the amount of damage a character can endure before death. Weapons also have weights, but instead of HP, they have attack power. The specific stats for each body type, head type, and weapon are listed below.


Body Name
 Armor 433 24
 Wing 101 8
 Jet 499 16
 Cyborg 301 20
 Boat 234 12
 Buggy 167 16
 Tank 367 20
 ?* 344


Head Name
 Hero 15612
 Ninja 112 8
 Robot 289 16
 Alien 260 4
 Fighter 333 16
 Monster 245 12
 Ghost 67 8
 ?* 23 4


Weapon Name
 Parasol 713
 Boomerang 934
 Shuriken 1416
 Ball 474
 Pencil 253
 Crystal 1673
 Flower 1163
 Melody 113
*These are the actual names listed in the English fan translation of Cocoron


At some point, a sequel was planned for the Turbo CD. It was called PC Cocoron (named after the Japanese of the Turbografx-16: the PC Engine), and screenshots of it appeared in magazines at the time. While it was never released, there are rumors that some people own the ROM of the game, although any form of the game (physical or virtual) has yet to surface officially.

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