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Code Lyoko, the veritable anchor of Cartoon Network's "Miguzi" weekday afternoon programming block and butt of many jokes about oversized foreheads, jumps from the Nintendo DS to multi-console action in Quest For Infinity, a mission-oriented platformer that condenses the plot of the fourth and final season of the animated/CGI-hybrid program.

Quest For Infinity assumes a fair bit about players' knowledge of the cartoon storyline, dropping immediately into the aftermath of Season 3's crisis: the Lyoko Warriors' supercomputer operator and mission support Jeremy Belpois has only now rebuilt the virtual reality of Lyoko after its systematic destruction by the killer artificial intelligence X.A.N.A., which had done so to prevent the team from pursuing it on the global network at large. As the four combat-oriented Lyoko Warriors, players are tasked with assaulting X.A.N.A. in the virtual and real worlds, with the aim of both stopping its plans and rescuing human hostage-turned-evil enforcer William Dunbar.

Exploration of Lyoko, its Replikas, and the Digital Sea bridging them is punctuated by gossip-hounding at the Lyoko Warriors' home base of Kadic Academy, a menagerie of colorful boarding school personalities from whom the existence of the supercomputer must be kept secret at all costs. Further sidetracking is rewarded in both the real and virtual worlds via the collection of Vignettes, data fragments that combine to unlock concept art and video cutscenes when collected.

Playable Lyoko Warriors and their Capabilities

Ulrich Stern: Fights with twin katana in close combat. By utilizing enhanced reflexes or summoning Triplicate clones, he can destroy certain digital obstacles.

Yumi Ishiyama: Throws metal fans at long range that home in on multiple enemies. Can move enemies and certain obstacles with Telekinesis, and traverse narrow pathways with gymnastic Balance.

Odd Della Robbia: Fires laser arrows at range with rapid-fire capability. Feline reflexes allow him to hang and climb onto walls and ledges, wall jump up narrow chasms, and even temporarily slow down time to bypass rapidly-changing barriers.

Aelita: Charges energy fields for a variable-force ranged attack. Can edit Lyoko's geography to create virtual bridges or encase foes in ice, and is able to fly across large gaps using energy wings.

Other Characters

Jeremy Belpois: Operator of the Lyoko supercomputer and chief investigator of its secrets. Prefers combatting X.A.N.A.'s schemes with programs and upgrades to entering virtual reality himself.

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas: Daughter of Kadic Academy's principal, whose attempts to get romantically involved with Ulrich tend to risk exposing her to the Lyoko Warriors' secrets. When not advancing that agenda, is typically accompanied by flunkies Nicholas and Herve.

Milly Solovieff and Tamiya Diop: Underclassmen in charge of Kadic's school newspaper. Though naturally a risk to the Warriors, they tend to focus more on school events and gossip than the player characters' activities.

Jim "Jimbo" Morales: Physical Education instructor and de facto security officer of Kadic. Means well, if a bit brusque at times. Always seems to have an interesting story about his past that he'd rather not talk about.

Susanne Hertz: Math instructor at Kadic whose icy demeanor is punctuated by rare instances of finding amusement in Jim's exploits.

Jean-Pierre Delmas: Principal of Kadic Academy. A generally jovial man, if harried by balancing running a private school with the high-maintenance demands of his daughter Sissi.

William Dunbar: A Polymorphic Clone of the original William, created by Jeremy to avoid raising suspicion with the real one being abducted by X.A.N.A. Is sadly somewhat of a simpleton compared to the original, a flaw that Jeremy and the other Lyoko Warriors must constantly monitor.

X.A.N.A.: An evil AI originally housed within the Lyoko supercomputer itself, it escaped into the Internet at large during events prior to the game and is now infecting mainframes across the world with Replikas, guarded with powerful robotic minions in the real world and perilous obstacles in their Lyoko-like virtual worlds.

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