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Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama for iPhone and iPad developed by Reactive Studios. The game features 6 episodes in Mission 1, including a free prologue for players to try out.

Codename Cygnus was originally a Kickstarter project that raised over $13,000 with 469 backers.


There are currently six episodes available to play in Mission 1 for Codename Cygnus. Mission 2 is currently scheduled for 2014. Each episode usually takes about 15-20 minutes to play all the way through.

With the exception of the prologue, each episode costs $0.99 to download individually, or $2.99 for the entirety of Mission 1.


Extract yourself from the Krasnoff Mission.

Art Show

Gain information on Neptune and the hostages.

Neptune's Lair

Infiltrate the Waterfront Towers to eavesdrop on Neptune.


Stop TRIDENT to save the hostages.

Lazarus Awakens

Discover the origin of Lazarus.

Neptune's Gift

Learn more about Neptune's motivations.



Codename Cygnus originally launched on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod). Since it's launch in August, it has added two additional side missions, Lazarus Awakens and Neptune's Gift.


Codename Cygnus was recently announced for Android. The developers are currently in closed beta testing, and fans can apply to become a tester on their blog.

It is anticipated to launch on Android later this year.

Additional Features

Agent Profile

Additionally, Codename Cygnus features an agent profile screen where the player can view their agent's statistics and progress through the game.

Easter Eggs

If you complete Mission 1, players are can change the Cygnus duck at the top of the screen to a dark color by tapping it. There are also other hidden Cygnus ducks in the game including a green one for Kickstarter backers and a gold one with an unknown unlock condition.


Codename Cygnus has received a handful of awards during its launch year of 2013.

February 2014, Codename Cygnus was part of the showcase selection for Casual Connect in Amsterdam.

November 2013, Codename Cygnus was a finalist in the Best In Apps at the App Developers Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

September 2013, Codename Cygnus received the "Best Sound" award at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.

March 2013, Codename Cygnus received an honorable mention at the Mass DiGI Game Challenge in Cambridge, MA.

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