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In the original Final Fight, Cody's girlfriend Jessica (the daughter of Mayor Mike Haggar) is kidnapped by the gang MAD GEARS which leads Cody to join Mayor Haggar in his quest to take revenge on the gang and rescue Jessica. As a friend of Jessica and Cody, Guy joins Cody and Haggar as well. Cody is not a playable charcter in the Final Fight Series after the first game. His absence from the second game was explained that he has married Jessica and is on his honeymoon.

Cody in his prison clothes from Street fighter Alpha 3

He is seen in Guy's background in Street Fighter Alpha 2 with Jessica and the rest of the Final Fight Cast. Cody's appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3 was a surprise to most fans as his life has suddenly taken a downward spiral and he is now an escaped convict. During the events of Final Fight Revenge, Cody is framed by the remaining Mad Gear gang for their crimes, presumably including foul play regarding Jessica (who is missing in Revenge), and sent to prison. It is also revealed that Poison has feelings for Cody, and comes to visit him, though she knows his heart belongs to Jessica. His time in prison has made him jaded and cynical, openly mocking the concepts of heroism and justice. In his Super Street Fighter IV ending, he dismisses Guy's assertion that he's still a champion of justice, saying "Yeah, I'll return all right. To my cell. That's where I belong."

In terms of playing style, Cody is the most well-rouned fighter with average speed and attack power. He is famous for being skilled with knives, and he can stab with them faster than either of his two companions should he pick one up during a level. This skill with knives is alluded to when he becomes a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 3, as he can pick up a knife in the middle of a bout and continue to use it until he takes a hit or throws it. Cody appears in Super Street Fighter IV along with fellow brawler Guy as one of the game's ten new challengers.

Cody's knife loss expression

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