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Wow, it's empty in here... Well if anyone stumbles by here the review off of my website

It's hard to review Cold Fear on it's own merits when it so closely resembles Resident Evil 4, and I wouldn't mind going through the similarities one by one. It's a pretty interesting comparison considering the two were released only a few months apart. On the other hand I feel that Cold Fear was an interesting enough experience to warrant an independent review, so here goes.

The most unique aspect of Cold Fear is the high seas on which the game takes place, and the designers do a good job of showing it you from the moment the game starts. And although it adds some interesting gameplay elements like holding on to rails to steady yourself I couldn't help but hope to find some more stable environments as I progressed through the game. And you eventually do as much of the outdoor action gives way to more traditional corridor crawls. Otherwise the game feels very much like a by-the-books survival horror game. You'll trounce around looking for the usual assortment of key cards and door handles all the while shooting zombies in the face to conserve ammo.

The story doesn't break any new ground either. Parasitic organisms have been unearthed out at sea and have proceeded to crawl into peoples mouths and turn them into zombies. Though there is a healthy amount of back story to be found in the traditional mess of papers left lying around (I'd recommend bringing your reading glasses).

The game let's you toggle back and forth between a laid-back or over the shoulder 3rd person view. It's worth noting that I played this on a PC. Though I suspect the original console version might run a bit smoother aiming would naturally be harder with the analogue stick. Apart from zombies and various other mutants you will be squaring off against Russian mercenaries who do a good job of mixing up the action providing some long distance fire-fights. There are also some neat free for all action from time to time.

So, Are We Scared Yet? Well the mood is right, and occasional jump-scares are liable to get you. The game is competently made and though the design feels dated if you're like me you won't mind too much. Ultimately it doesn't stand out as anything above average, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for some traditional survival horror action.
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I remember this game being good.
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Yeah, I still have that game on Xbox. I remember not going through it all the way. I don't remember why.
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Revisiting RE4 HD and all of a sudden this game just popped into my mind out of nowhere. I loved this game, wish I still had my Xbox I'd love to go back to it. It may have been a deliberate knock off of RE4 but it got so many things right plus Capcom not releasing any RE games on the Xbox (surprising since everything else under the sun has at least RE4 on it) it was a pretty decent alternative.

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Always wanted to play this game but never got around to it.

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I loved this game! Great gameplay and moody!

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