Hold. Up. ADAM=/=Expansion Module

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I was doing some reading yesterday on ColecoVision's history and looked upon the ADAM. I remember seeing a segment from Little Miss Gamer about the ADAM and thought that perhaps there might not be a lot of information on the site about it.

When I couldn't find a page for it, I decided to look at the entry for ColecoVision, thinking there'd be something there about it. There is, but it calls the ADAM merely an expansion on the ColecoVision.

The ADAM is it's own stand alone system that had it's own games come out for the platform. Not a hell of a lot, granted, but it still had its own games.

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom for the ADAM

No way that it's merely an expansion. This needs to be rectified.
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The tractor feed printer that comes with it is also it's power supply.

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