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The Colonel is an antagonist from the Fist of the North Star manga and anime. Prior to the nuclear war that decimated the world, he was a member of an elite military unit called the Red Berets, and a loyal soldier. However, he turned his back on his superiors in anger as he learned that they were acting shamelessly and committing debauchery. He comes to believe that he was chosen by God to help and fix the apocalyptic world and founds a new military organization called "Golan", born out of the Red Berets. His brutal leadership style, and that of his subordinate Mad Sarge, shape men into brutal killing machines and loyal soldiers. The Colonel's ultimate goal is to reshape the world into "God's Land."

In the anime continuity, the Colonel and his faction are disciples and devotees of Shin, Kenshiro's rival during the first story arc.


The Colonel is a practitioner of "Nanto Muon Ken" (Nanto Silent Fist). He uses this art when fighting Kenshiro to quickly evade his attacks and to hide his aura, masking his presence. He also fights using a pair of boomerangs among other techniques.


Both Rolento of the Final Fight and Street Fighter franchises and Heidern from The King of Fighters series bear a strong physical resemblance to the Colonel. While there is no official confirmation, the resemblances are strong enough that there is speculation that their appearances were based on him.

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