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Colonel first appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel, as the leader of the Colonel Liberation Team, of which Lan Hikari was the chief battler, and MegaMan.EXE was a member. He is based off of Colonel from Mega Man X4, and is one of the two characters who is based off of a character from the Mega Man X series.

He made a non-canon appearance in Team Protoman, defeating the dark soul residing in ProtoMan.EXE when he was captured by Dr. Regal and changed into a darkloid. a similar incident occurs in Team Colonel version, with ProtoMan helping defeat Dark Colonel.

his is operated by Baryl, who at the time kept to himself that he was Lord Wily's stepson. however, he still was allied with the forces of good.

MegaMan in Colonel Soul form.

Colonel returned in Mega Man Battle Network 6, this time in opposition of MegaMan, and had a drastically different personality, which made him ruthless, and was ready to delete MegaMan if necessary. he is, however, defeated, and he and Baryl decide to ally once again with Lan and Mega. at the end of the story, Colonel fused with Iris, his younger sister, to defeat the cybeasts with MegaMan, sacrificing his life in the process, and returning kindness to Wily, making him atone for his sins.

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