Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Tactics Talk

#1 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

Im not new to the series and i like to think of myself as an above average player, been playing since the original in 95/96 but for some reason im getting totally OWNED!!! in skirmish mode on medium which is totally pathetic! i need to get better i dunno if im doing anything wrong, i think the main problem is dealing with wave and wave of units which i can sustain for awhile, but then i just fall....

Any tips and tactics would be awsome and apreciated...... I'd rather not do a rush tactic as i like taking time to build my base up lol, im a base builder, what can i say? (o:}

#2 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

Well if you play as GDI, then I suggest using Firehawks. Two airbases, both with four Firehawks. Use them to bombard the enemy base, especially power generators. It works for me.

#3 Posted by Dr_Brocoli (23 posts) -

Then you will lose. It is Command AND CONQUER, you arent going to win by turtling. You need to attack his base and weaken him, if not he will just get last tier units and beat the living shit out of you. Just tech up, start a strong economy, then pump out your high tier units. Expansion = Good, not attacking=Bad, waiting for him to send wave after wave=Lose.

#4 Posted by Garfield360UK (551 posts) -

Yeah, this is a problem online as well I have with Dawn of War as well as Command and Conquer, I feel whoever attacks first wins as they can just cause you to have to fix what they damaged thus your wasting resources fast and then they hit you with good units (flight units on Command and Conquer Generals usually or Dreadnoughts on Dawn of War). It does seem a tad unfair on players at times as your forced to attack constantly rather than come up with strategies etc.

#5 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

some good info thanks guys!!!  i will definitely try the firehawks and bomb bard the their powerplants!!!! see if that makes a difference lol... as for turling, yeah..... sometimes not very good, i found out the hard way haha!!

I've been testing a few things out last night, and one thing i found to work quite well, is chugging out a sh!t load of riflemen and having them make like 10 or 20 sandbag pillbox's and backing that up with some high tech units.... only problem with stuff like that is the damn flame-throwers.... takes a such a LOT!! to kill those things before their even in range.... i need a commando jus to take those out lol

and YES! i only ever play as GDI... i prefer their units

#6 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

Well, glad to help you. Leave a message on how well did it help you. Good luck. :)

#7 Edited by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

Ok well i just played the first game using your tactics dantey with the hawks!!! and it WORKED!!!  I still struggled but it definately helped a lot, i was able to take out temple of nod with 1 wave of 8 hawks.... kept using their super weapons against and i did get my ass handed to me at times! Once i built the MARV i was set, tho i had 2 close calls with that. almost as soon as i built it, the AI used 2 super weapons and some air attacks on my base i had no structures left really cept the main construction yard, all the tech buildings were destroyed lol, along with all my harvesters and i was on 2 in money! so i used the MARV to act as my harvester so back money to build the base up again, think this happened twice!!! lol
And the 2nd time i nearly lost the match i used a RIG and placed it fairly near the NODs base which helped hold them back a bit and less concentraited on my base so much, and it was healing my units, namely my mammoths and the MARV, i was able to build up a decent force, took it into their base and BAM!!! al my units turned on eachother, my MARV was jus killing all my own tanks haha so i had to go back, re-group, and then start again lmao....  At the end i won but i nearly lost all my tanks and the MARV to a bunch of Obelisk of Lights, i think the AI had some 20-25 put up.... were completely wipeing out my tanks lol....

At the end of the day, the hawks did help so thanks a lot for that!, it gave me time to take out the power plants which i mainly used the ION cannon for.... Im no wondering if a tank rush! would do the trick..... using just a bunch of predators!!! but those defences the AI nod had was extreme! one hit would take out a single tank!!!

#8 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

Well I am glad to help. Now you got me getting back to that game. I think, I will have to reinstall it. :)

#9 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

haha sweet !!!! I still haven't tried out the predator rush which i'll have to, build like a whole crap load and go on a rampage do or DIE style!! :)

#10 Posted by unclejohnny79 (689 posts) -

maybe watch some replays from some pros

#11 Posted by woozienebunu (107 posts) -

I'd usually put up defenses and build a medium sized  Titan and Wolverine army while being Steel Talons (my fav).... I'm using at least 2 harvesters at all times and find it rather easy to beat medium opponents... The key is not to let them attack you constantly .. even if they raided first .. go raid their units and keep building others at your base .. till you get Mammoths  .. then give em uber-pwnage ! :D

#12 Posted by Dr_Brocoli (23 posts) -

Mammoths are easy counter btw you'll need more online to beat another player or harder ai.

#13 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

OK, now I am getting problems. How can I defeat the AI on "brutal"? Five minutes and I am dead.

#14 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

haha geez, brutal?   and yeah i always use more then 1 harvester.... AI seems to nuke em all when they return to my base tho....  lol

i've definitely noticed that if u hav units away from your base, kinda like a diversion it helps a lot

#15 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

Well I use at least two harvesters, and if they aren't getting killed, then I have four of them.

#16 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

lol that'd be one way to sort it out lol.... yeah i should probably just build a shit load of em after the initial first like squads of tanks n stuff....   you'll have to send me a replay of you going at the AI on Brutal!! i'd LOVE! to see that man lol

#17 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

Well if I get to beat it, then OK. But for now, I can beat the AI only on hard

#18 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

lol, hey that'll work.... im still only doing medium, which i've only won once so far lol

#19 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

Well OK. I have a saved replay of me playing hard. I noticed, that there is a big leap between hard and brutal. Hard for me feels like easy,, but brutal, thats hard for me. I think, that I will get to beating it soon.

#20 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

lol... thats how im feeling right now about the transition between easy and medium... i suck ass lol

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