SPOILERS: The story to the next Command & Conquer game

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Originally wrote this for the wiki article but decided it would be to much spoilers for people who haven't figured out the game's current direction. I felt it would be a waste to just delete it.

The campaign sets the stage for the next Command & Conquer game which will focus on Kane exiting the other side of the tower on a Scrin home world. Also expect to see a second invasion of Earth, this time by a Scrin Extermination/Assimilation squadron.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the Scrin is what happens to all species when infused by Tiberium and as their planet is harvested they usually join the Scrin. Every Scrin soldier and several vehicles where originally of organic origin but has been changed and hardened with crystal like armor and weapons. The Scrin's harvester for example is a organic life form that lives in Tiberium. The Corrupter was also originally a animal and has evolved to spit Tiberium. Scrin plants a planet with Tiberium, thousands of years later they land and anything on the Planet is now Tiberium infused & can be easily assimilated into the ranks of the Scrin. While their planet's resources have been extracted by the Tiberium into a easy to collect crystal form that they take with them, leaving the Planet lifeless as all life will be dead or assimilated by the time the Scrin leave the planet.

LEGION, also known as CABAL, has never really malfunctioned, it simply performed it's programming before it was suppose to. Now that LEGION has combined with the Tacitus he is the perfect weapon for Kane to use against the Scrin.LEGION now knows everything he needs to about to Scrin to assimulate them into Kane's army. You see, Kane's vision isn't that different then the Scrin Overlord's. However in Kane's vision he is the leader of the new Scrin, removing the old relics that are currently in power. Kane's forces will show their ultimate loyalty by infusing themselves with Tiberium and Cybernetics like the Scrin to become half Tiberium infused organics and half technology infused cyborgs. The difference is many Scrin still have their minds and are not unquestionably loyal to the Overlords. Kane can easily assimulate them into LEGION's army. LEGION will create open revolt against the Scrin Overlords and get many to join Kane's new army. I fully expect the homeworld that the earth tower linked to will become Kane's new planet. Expect the tower on earth to remain domant for many years intill Kane returns to claim leadership of his still loyal earth followers and gets them to join his new Scrin army or die to his might. GDI on the other hand will have revamped their current land reclaimation forces back into a Tiberian Sun level of technology. No longer liberal about their military spending they will fund the largest Army GDI has ever known. Then the 4th Tiberian War shall begin.

The question is will they go for another Episode like they did for Kane's Wrath or will they create another full game showing all 3 sides of the conflict. It was hinted at in Kane's Wrath's files that it is Episode 1 and perhaps the next C&C game will be another episode but larger.

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I put some further thought into this subject and they may skip everything that happened on the other side of the tower and simply start the next game with Kane returning to Earth with an army of Scrin through the tower and reclaiming The Brotherhood of Nod which has most likely split up yet again with him gone. At that point he would finally get his revenge on GDI with his new combined army. However the Overlords will still be alive and so another Scrin invasion will happen as the Overlord wants all of his forces to focus on getting more information on Kane.

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