armaan8014's Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition) (PC) review

A great game that should be tried by Rts fans and non-fans alike

 I was never a strategy game fan, but when i ran out of games some months ago, i borrowed this from a friend out of desperation for a game.
I hadn't expected it, but it turned out to be good.
Since i am not a fan of this genre, i couldn't believe that this game held me for hours together.
There is a lot of thinking to be done in this game, and each objective can be done differently. You will be completely satisfied with yourself after you complete an objective, and this is what makes this game so addictive, and you don't feel like stopping.
Even for non-rts fans, the action of the zone troopers, tanks etc. is good enough to make you feel as if you are playing an action filled fps.
Just watching your army take on another one is great.
I had halfway completed the game when some more new games came out, and so I left this one. Anyway, I was stuck in one escorting mission so i had to quit.
The story is good and it never gets too difficult. So try it! 


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