Anybody here playing CnC4?

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I was just wondering if anybody from Giant Bomb was actively playing this game on the liver servers. If you are, send me a PM; I'd love to add you to my friends list and play a few games!

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What are liver servers.

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Anybody playing CNC4.

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@IgnisPhaseOne: i think am the only one talking.
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Spread the world folks: 
"Candid interview with former C&C Developer Greg Black"

 8. What do you think about Command&Conquer 4? Many people are state C&C 4 is not a game true to the C&C franchise.

It's unfair of me to pass judgement on C&C4 as I did not work on it nor have I played the final game. I was however at the studio during much of C&C4's development and have played pre-release builds. The important thing to know is that C&C4 was never meant to be a true Tiberium universe canonical game, but rather an experiment in online play. It originally started as out an Asian market online-only version of C&C 3. At some point the company executives decided it made the most business sense to add a single player campaign, call it C&C4, and put it in a box. The team of course protested this change in direction but the decision stood. The team did what they could to make a good game given the realities inside EA, but ultimately it was the product of a dysfunctional corporate culture.

Read the rest of the interview. So when people complain that an EA game sucks or lacks here and there, it's obvious that EA is not in the game  "It's in the game" bull shit. It's more along the lines of "It's in the money" . Gone are the days of true game developers, today it's all for the money. Here let me charge you for a single weapon; it's special... come on. As a true game developer wouldn't you get excited in giving/spreading fun to your customers? Why would you want them to pay, to rape their wallets?  It's clear, over and over how DLC is just a business thing and not a true game developer thing; In my opinion. The suits have snuck in and take the gaming world by surprise.

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