Anybody played the C&C4 beta?

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I played the beta... I don't know what to say. 
The game is ass.
I arrived at this conclusion by playing it once ( so we can be clear here ). 
I don't like the style. I played it once and I want to delete it. It's not the C&C I originally came to know... To me it's some other game that uses material from the C&C world. 
What can one expect? 
People tried to make a better James Bond game, after Goldeneye, but nobody has been able to out do it. EA tried and failed. Even Rare failed with Perfect Dark (both times). I guess Westwood made classic stuff that simply cannot be out down. 
You know what? I'm gonna wait for EA to re-release the original games with new textures and graphics, but maintaining the same view distance from units... the same camera angle... updated sounds and digitally remastered cut-scenes. 
Until then... I don't think there will ever be a good C&C game.

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I haven't played the beta myself but I feel CnC has been shit since it made the jump to 3D. RA2 + TS was the high water mark.
EA need to refocus their CnC studio and fire whoevers been the art director since the switch.
Also ditch the fucking sage engine. It's hideous.

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I've gone back to play it some more... the visual effects and music are fine. The menu music seems like a sci-fi show, like Stargate style orchestra. Pretty cool. But I don't like the gameplay. Playstyle wise, if you have played Dawn of War 2, it's similar to that style and I'm not a fan of it. 
They updated C&C4; beta a couple times since I last posted. I haven't deleted it this time.. I mean... it's free after all and it has pretty graphics, nice music and I can bear the gameplay a bit better now. Though I wouldn't touch this game in the end. I don't like this class based style RTS game that is like Dawn of War 2.

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I'm playing the beta right now, and I agree a ton.  The game just isn't good at ALL!  There is little to no balance because of the progression system unlocking stronger units, poor matchmaking so far, the lack of actual matches that are going on, tons of bugs and glitches in the menus alone, the invite system and party system don't work half the time... 
I mean, I understand that this is a beta...but it's shipping in two months!!! 
As for the actual gameplay, the lack of a tutorial and a very bare minimum thread on the beta forums explaining how to play the game don't help matters any.  When you capture all of the control points, it won't even show the colors changing on the control points half the time.  The entire Defense setup for either GDI or Nod is totally worthless unless you just want to build structures around something.  Build times are way too long, and it leads to very easily one-sided battles.  The Crawler, your main base if you will, is an interesting idea that is executed poorly.  The lack of explanation on what the hell to do with any of the tiberium you find on the map isn't helping any. 
And then there's the fact that is STILL has all the same "out of sync" issues that BFME2, C&C 3, and Red Alert 3 all half the matches never finish.
The worst part, personally, is that they didn't include Skirmish mode with this.  That would've at LEAST offered people the ability to check out the game, learn a little bit more, and THEN jump online with people who are dominating the map because they play nothing but RTS games. 
I don't know.  I've only got about two hours in with it, but it's one of the most unsatisfying experiences in an RTS possible! 
I spent a ton of time with C&C 3, and that game (regardless of what everyone else wants to say) doesn't suck.  It was a great little title, although the Scrin could be a bit OP at times.  It had its balance issues in the beginning, especially with the sellback pricing on your harvest factories (whatever they were called, can't remember)...and Scorp rushes...and factory build orders...and extended queues...and land domain with power plants leading to GDI defense structures being used as offensive measures...but they worked a lot of that out with future patches. 
This game, however, is just sluggish and relatively infuriating because you don't know what you are doing...and whatever you ARE doing doesn't seem to be doing much.
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Commander and Conquer is simply a dead franchise and will soon end up like Sonic the hedgehog
C&C is not what it used to be,its as simple as that!

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@Evilmetal: Played the beta and you speak the truth. Where has the classic style of C&C gone to? But do you actually think EA will remake the classic C&C games with different angles and textures? That would be interesting to see. Maybe in a few years, but i think they have their hands tied with other projects for the moment. However their may be a texture pack for the original few C&C's out maybe. You know how great games always get texture packs and all.
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There's just too much C&C out there. They need to scale back C&C RTS style games. Blizzard isn't releasing Warcraft RTS games all the time... it's a rare occurrence and whatever they release is good. Having EA release the old games with an 'HD' touch would be a good way to prepare people for a return to the roots of C&C...

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@Evilmetal said:
" There's just too much C&C out there. They need to scale back C&C RTS style games. Blizzard isn't releasing Warcraft RTS games all the time... it's a rare occurrence and whatever they release is good. Having EA release the old games with an 'HD' touch would be a good way to prepare people for a return to the roots of C&C... "
They're PC could easily find mods for better textures and such on them I'm sure. EA isn't going to take the time to release that stuff themselves. I'm waiting to even care about another RTS until SC2 comes out at this point. Well, I'm still gonna play the DoW2 expansion, but another full game, none are interesting in the least.
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I thought the beta was alright, but something about the visuals bothered me. It wasn't as nice as RA3 I suppose. As for gameplay, I really, really dislike standard base building (the only reason I pushed on with RA3 was because of the awesome cutscenes) and I have zero interest in Starcraft 2. I really enjoyed Dawn of War 2 and the gameplay of C&C4 was similar enough to keep me interested. The modular base was pretty cool and the ability to switch classes seems like a neat idea, but I haven't really used it yet. My biggest gripe was that nothing was clear. I suppose I could chalk it up to my ignorance in not reading online tutorials or whatnot, but I went in blind and I felt like I had no clue as what to do.

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I am downloading it as we speak. I am going to get it for the 360 when and if it comes out though. CnC 3 was sick but this looks like theyre followinf relic and RE 3 for visuals. I hate RE.
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Now that ive tried it, it seems alright. I am a level five now and I want my mammoth tank. And CnC 3 was bad ass I loved that game.
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there were a couple issues with the beta, even tho the games out now, but the multiplayer side of it was fun

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i played it, and after an hour of 2 i threw my pc out the window!

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