Can this truly be the end of Kane?

#1 Posted by JoeMarsden (304 posts) -

One big draw to the Tiberium saga for me was the continuation of Kane's story - purely because I just can't get enough of Joe Kucans portrayal of that bald headed, legendary messiah. Now, after having just finished Tiberian Twilight, and knowing that this is supposed to be the end of the Kane story arch (if it can be called that) - is that it? I expected a much longer story at least. You can't just tie up the loose ends of a character that has been going for fifteen years in the short amount of campaign missions that Tiberian Twilight offers, surely. 
Anyone else think that Kane didn't get the exit he deserved?

#2 Posted by Falk (85 posts) -

I just finished the game now and it is a huge disappointment. I actually went through all the earlier tiberium games before starting this one, which gave me a great view of the epic deterioration the franchise went through post tiberian sun. I know they've said this is the final game in the tiberium story arc but I just can't make myself believe that.

#3 Posted by Starfishhunter9 (369 posts) -

Yeah this game was a total let down in the story department. Actually in all departments... Just let it die in peace

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