Executive producer Mike Glosecki likens C&C4 to MMO

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Taken from the front page of cncden

  Mike Glosecki: I want to address some of the questions that I've been reading about C&C 4 in the forums and hearing about from the community. Let's start with the big one, why is C&C 4 is an online game? We made the decision to move the game online so that we could better support the community with a live team much like MMOs. The C&C franchise is very much defined by its community and we wanted to create a feature that innovates the gameplay and adds depth for our sophisticated players. That feature is “Player Progression”. Similar to a career mode, Player Progression allows you to earn experience and gain levels over time, but to experience it, you have to be online. Player Progression also allows you to get access to new units, powers, and upgrades that you can add to your army. Your progress is saved in your online profile so that you can move freely between all game modes; campaign, skirmish, co-op and multiplayer.

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only problem with doing that, is that if a game has to be constantly online in order to play it, you simply cannot mod the game anymore, because the version of the game is different if u do ANYTHING to change it... so boom! there goes 50% of your community right there.... so that statement is kinda false...

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