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IGN review is out .
they gave it a 7.4 ...seems like they are going the route of DOW 2 

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@turbomonkey138: Can't say I'm not surprised. I also can't say the game doesn't deserve it for it's shit DRM.
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Jeff was saying he wasn't liking it on one of the UStream things.  If he reviews the game, I think he would probably give it a 2 or a 3.

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Given user scores are generally always way low or stupidly high on any review site, I would take them mostly with a grain of salt. That said, a 7 does seem about right based on what I've played. Interesting game mechanics, but the story kinda starts way too abruptly and too cleanly given what happened at the end of Kane's Wrath and you do kinda miss a little of the old C&C base building.

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I'm all for innovation but CnC was a classic that was fine without it.

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