Well whaddaya know, Jeff was right

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Jeff being right is not news. He is NEVER wrong. NEVER. 

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Jeff being wrong would be news, we all knew this was coming as soon as soon as Jeff posted that story.

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I was reading the interview just now and came away quite impressed. Definately some interesting new concepts, and it's good to see them trying to innovate. Looking forward to hearing more about it for sure. I still haven't bought Red Alert 3 though, which i'll need to do at some point.

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At least they're promising to retire it after this.

EDIT: Although they're not done with Tiberium. Wonderful. I can already see Renegade 2 becoming a Halo clone.

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@wealllikepie: Average Add-on? Uh no, this is a new game, with new units, new class-based gameplay, new everything, if i were i wouldn't judge a game from a couple of screenshots.

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