I'm Trying To Track Down A Red Alert 2 Map, A Little Help Please

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I'm looking to jump back into some crazy Red Alert 2 shenanigans and I'm looking for a particular map that I played years ago. The name was something like Ultimate America vs USSR or America vs. USSR Ultimate. Basically you had 2 cliffs on the left and right side of the map, the middle was completely open with nothing but minerals. The catch is that this map let you build insane units. For example, Limos that have the firepower of the French cannon, and nuclear motherfucking cows. This definitely wasn't a mod, it was one of those it downloads as you join the game type of deals. Does anyone have this map or know where I can find it? I've had no luck looking online. Also, does anyone know a good site for other crazy maps? I recall playing ones that had units from other games and nutty tweaks. Thanks guys!

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Sadly all of my google searches are returning this thread. Is there a term for that?

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