Is this worth it?

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Hey all,i haven't played a C&C game since the original with my uncle.As a fan of many RTS' such as Warcraft 3,Starcraft,Dawn of War,this game looks interesting to me.Is it different enough from the games i mentioned or should i skip this one.Also,if i decide to get it,should i read up on the story a bit or is it not that big of a deal.

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Well there is no unit cap (caped by how you can tolorate low framerates when you pile on units really), but they have made it so that you do need to micro. Just about all but the most specialized units can go on both the water and land.

If you liked generals and how C&C3 was its really a hyrbid between those two games.
Reason why it didn't super high scores is because it does the old formula very, very well.

Its not super micro where every unit has an inventory and a leader to to take care of, but its micro enough that everyunit is almost two units since they all have some kind of secondary abilities. This just screams the better microer will win overall, but without the need to micro everything like company of heroes.

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RA3 is a good game, i think u should have it when it becomes cheaper.

it has co-op which I like.

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2 is better, 3 is alright if you have co-op.
Otherwise it kind of sucks imho.

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Red Alert 2 is only good with Yuri's Revenge. And by now everything in Red Alert 2 is outdated.

The garrion units in Red Alert 3 works a lot better. Navy actually has an importance in the fact that you can go thru the entire game building a navy and still accomplish a win. And ya the co-op is great with someone else. Really makes a good game when you work with someone.

Ya I say get the game. You'll have a lot of fun.

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