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Red Alert 3 is a fantastic and fresh RTS- 0

Red Alert 3 is the crazy sibling of the Classic RTS series Command and Conquer and Red Alert 3 lives upto that name, with superb gameplay, silly plot and voice acting and great unit design.  The plot goes something like this- The Soviets are about to lose the cold war so they use a time machine to go back in time and kill Albert Einstein in order to gain Technological superiority over the Allies. This inadvertantly creates a new Threat for the Soviets in the form of the Empire of the rising sun....

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Red Alert 3, a review of Campaign and Skirmish. 0

As the sequel to Westwood’s popular 9 year old RTS, RA3 had a lot of expectations for a ludicrous, funny and well made game and although the entirely cooperative campaign and storyline is witty and long, the graphics and small amount of things to do after completing the main story dampen the experience. The opening cutscene starts with the defeat of the Soviets as the Allies reign supreme after the end of Red Alert 2, but General Krukov and Colonel Cherdenko (played by Andrew Divoff and Tim Cur...

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I always dream of torpedo attack on dolphin 0

Having never played a Red Alert game before (or really any Command and Conquer game), I decided that the series' third installment would be a good time to dive in and see what the fuss was all about. What I found, however, was a little more crazy than I could have anticipated. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 functions more or less like your standard RTS, but adds a layer of pure insanity at every turn. The result manages to be both generic and entertaining, making it a solid purchase for fans o...

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Brilliant!! 0

The opening video left me wanting to dive into the campaign, but unfortunately, i needed to do the tutorials first to understand, and the tutorials are the worst part of the game! The tutorials could have been much shorter but they were dragged out by, what was first humorous, but in the end over used, chatting between the 3 commanders. 2 hours later I had still 2 tutorials to do, I was fed up and launched into the game.This game is meant for Co-op. Now you can play with a computer AI, but they ...

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Welcome Back Comrade! 7

     Red Alert 3 is a great Command and Conquer game, though it just misses the mark as a faithful Red Alert follow up. But that's not nearly enough of a reason for you to miss out on this excellent RTS.      First and foremost, I believe that RA3 is a game for RTS vets. Although the tutorials, single-player campaign and skirmish AI can be quite friendly to genre newcomers, and online lobbies matches you pretty good with players of your own skill level; I deem that long time real-time strategist...

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Underwhelming 0

Ok, so I obtained this... it's ok. Not the sort of amazing experience like Company of Heroes or Sins of a Solar Empire. It feels just as wacky as the other Red Alerts, the movie cinematics are definitely the strongest selling point for this game. I couldn't help but feel very cramped and claustrophobic with the camera, I kept trying to scroll my mouse so it would zoom out, but no dice. That's kinda a personal preference though, so you guys might not mind.The other thing that I noticed is that th...

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Fun, but not quite the same as it's predecessors. 0

Coming hot off the heels of Kane's Wrath, I expected very little from RA3. It looked to be yet another bastardization of Westwood's former intellectual property. Fortunately, I was wrong. At it's best, the game can be a blast. And at it's worst, an unstable, DRM infested heap. Breakdown: -Graphics: While it certainly won't win any awards, it's visuals can hold their own among today's RTSs. They seem to have gone for more of a cartoon-ish look, in keeping with their humorous approach. There are...

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A great addition to the series bar some multiplayer issues. 0

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is the third game in the Red Alert universe and the seventh game in the Command & Conquer series as a whole - excluding the expansions and the digital atrocity named Renegade. As such, if you’ve played any of the previous titles in the series, then you’ll know roughly what to expect here but with a few notable differences. First off though, the story… Red Alert 3 follows the fall of the Soviet Union at the hands of the Allies once again. On the precipice o...

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Command And conquer your way 2

CNC:Red Alert 3 is a game made by EA LA. The game is set in a time where communist was falling apart, The Russian Premier,General and the lead scientist Time-travel their way back in time to stop the main person who is their loss,Albert Einstein. They Deleted him from the timeline and they went back to their time. Where they found out that they are invading most of Europe, Along with creating a new foe, the empire of the rising sun. This lead the war to a three-way fight.The gameplay is like as ...

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