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Command & Conquer: Red Alert – The Aftermath.

Nuclear Winter.
This expansion to C&C Red Alert will test your mettle. Prepare for guerrilla tactics, insidious strategies and forbidden weapons. Includes 18 extremely hard single player missions and many new multiplayer maps from the original designers of C&C: Red Alert. Red Alert's World War 2 climaxes as both sides deploy their new strong weapons against each other in this expansion to Red Alert. Seven new units await those who play this expansion including, Chrono Tanks, Sea-to-land Submarines, Shock Troopers, & M.A.D. Tank. Do you have what it takes to beat these missions which are all harder then the last mission in the Red Alert? Last but not least, experience 8 new songs from Frank Klepacki while you dominate the world.

Chrono Tanks sacrifice armor to teleport.
Tesla Tank shot exploding barrels.
RA1's Tanya requires micromanagement.

Missile sub is Soviet's response to the Cruiser.
The M.A.D. Tank has the power of a small Nuke.
Still not as powerful as the real thing.

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