astras's Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC) review

Great Strategy

Westwood studio's created an extreamly popular game which branched off from it's tiberium franchise.  I have tried to understand how the Red Alert and Tibirum relate and have come to the conclusion that the capture of Hitler somehow affected the discovery/infection of tiberium... although kane does exist in both universes... maybe the Tiberium universe is a reflection of the future.. I'm not sure anyway!

After spending hours playing this game I must say that its a solid, well balanced (Apart from soviet Navy) game that was used as a framework for many future developed RTS games.
The game allowed for combat using Air, Land and sea with basebuilding and resource gathering which are staples in most RTS. Even games like Generals which were graphically superior didn't allow for such diverse tactics such as Sea warefare.
Some example tactics that I enjoyed in red alert included:

  • Iron cuirtin on a chanook full of 5 Tanya's... straight in the middle of a base after a diversion to draw an army.
  • chrono shifting something inside someones base right to the same spot ensuring that unit is destroyed to create a lightning cloud that devestated.
  • Ore silo trick to build into bases with base defence surround.
  • Engineer rush from transporter from the back of base with a tesla coil already built and ready to deploy
  • Using gap generators in rediculous situations.
The game just rocked quite honestly and allowed for online warfare and there is still support no to play online although you will only find hardcore rush tactics that have to be played using certain builds to be competitive.
The FMV's to me are priceless and quite comical and I always felt a nice reward to compleating a mission. The single player design was challenging. Although some missions I didn't like such as the solo tanya, they were solid and involving with a feeling of participating in a real conflict with objectives that matter.
4.5 / 5

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