Thanks EA - what a gift!

#1 Posted by diz (943 posts) -

I've downloaded the free Tiberian Sun game from EA, as part of their marketing campaign for a new C&C game. It's awesome!
Having never played it before, I can't believe how good this game is. It also runs great on the crappy micro-laptop that I use for webbing. I usually only play console games and did indeed try the C&C Red Alert game for the 360. But I gave up that one after the training mission, thinking it was far too convoluted and confusing. 
Tiberian Sun is so much less demanding (hence more accessible and enjoyable to me). The first few missions allow ridiculous levels of base building and gently ease you into the game's "concepts" without tutorials.  What makes it all the better for me is that it also runs on a poor atom-powered laptop, off an SD card too! Aparently, I've read it also works on Windows 7 too.
Seeing as the forum for this game is blank, I thought I'd big the game up here a bit.    and scroll down to download TS, Firestorm and Red Alert for the PC. 
#2 Posted by Capum15 (5020 posts) -

I can't imagine going back to play those after playing the later ones (ie. RA2, YR).
I like RA3, though everyone seems to hate it. I don't like the new style for the Apocalypse tanks though.
But I do have The First Decade installed, so I could just play them whenever.

#3 Posted by FuzzYLemoN (1600 posts) -

Tiberian Sun is a timeless classic in my mind. It's still as fun today as it was a decade ago on my grandpa's Windows 95. I started playing through the campaign again recently after tweaking the .ini file so that the game would run at 1680x1050, and that's made the game look as beautiful and sharp as I remember.

It looks like EA will never be able to replicate Westwood's success, but at least we still have the classics to fall back on. :3

#4 Posted by ajamafalous (12222 posts) -

I used to love the hell out of Tiberian Sun years ago, but after playing Red Alert 2, I could never get back into it.

#5 Posted by lead_farmer (1041 posts) -

Tiberian Sun was so much fun.  I can remember running over my buddies army with a harvester.  It's nice to read that people can still enjoy it.
Seriously though, were Titans and Wolverines not effing cool?

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