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Everything good about the first and a few new things as well.

 This game is what an rts game should be.
Really great campaign, amazing gameplay, balanced but very different countries, online play, great selection of units, and a very nice skirmish mode.

If you are anyone who DOES NOT despise anything and everything strategy, buy this game and love it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is near perfect. With an easy to use format and the size of the battles you can have, it would be hard to make a game any less spectacular than most other rts games. The three "races" you can choose from are the Allies, Soviets, and Yuri, which play fairly different but are still very balanced. Unfortunately you can not play a Yuri campaign, but the Allies and Soviet campaign are quite enjoyable and live up to those found in Red Alert 2. The CPU is intelligent in skirmish and the ability to play online really rounds off the amount of time you can spend enjoying the perfected gameplay.

Graphics: While it does not necessarily look as great as some games out there right now, the animations of the units and the special power attacks all look very nice. A bit basic, but it doesn't take away while in fact adding to the feel and playability of the game. The live action pieces actually feature fairly well known actors. While cheesy at times, they are still a very nice addition to the mood of the game.

Sound: Amazing voice acting. The voice acting in game and acting in the cinematics is superb. There is also a very nice selection of music that fits very well in the game.

There is alot of value in this game. My only real problem with the game is the lack of a map editor, which would have been a very nice addition. The deep skirmish mode and online play do a very good job of keeping you playing long after you finish the great campaigns.    


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