New Command & Conquer, Studio Announced

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#51 Posted by Evilmetal (489 posts) -

they can't dazzle people with gameplay, so they resort to dazzling with names. I would've considered it news worthy if they said the old Westwood team were coming back: "We're gettin' the band back together"... that would be interesting.

#52 Posted by iceman228433 (657 posts) -

Just be better then C&C 4 please, i don't know what they were trying to do with that thing.

#53 Posted by Tordah (2554 posts) -

I haven't played the last C&C so I can't say if it's as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but I hope this will fare better.

#54 Posted by big_jon (6127 posts) -

Nice! I hope it's more like CnC 3 than CnC 4.
#55 Posted by TheRoadHead (140 posts) -

Seeing i've only played C&C3 on x360 none the less can't really comment on the series.
I am though surprised there has never been a studio named "Victory Games" before seems like that's a name someone would have used before.

#56 Posted by Thrashersk (8 posts) -

Could be good. Hope Victory Games pulls it off.

#57 Posted by EgoCheck616 (820 posts) -

Until it is murdered by the Starcraft 2 expansion.

#58 Posted by jakob187 (22311 posts) -

C&C 3 was fine aside from the part where they made it three factions.  Then again, they had to do something to bring it into the modern age.
In all honesty, they just need to hang up the franchise for a while and work on the Battle for Middle-Earth franchise.  They've got some solid shit in that, but they need to iron out the rough spots to make it truly fantastic.

#59 Posted by Tebbit (4566 posts) -

I really hope they do that stupid reboot thing, because if there was one thing C&C became, it was overburdened by it's own legacy.

#60 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2906 posts) -


Loading Video...

#61 Posted by Coldbrand (215 posts) -

If this game is on the generals engine again I'll fucking hunt then down like the Predator. Also, I hope everyone who was involved with C&C3 and up were all fired and cast into the pit of Hades. Boo to Giant Bomb for getting all buddy buddy with one of the devs for those horrible pieces of shit by the way. Bring back RA1 or 2 or C&C1 (not Tiberian sun) style gameplay please, thanks. Leave the baseless building shit to DOWII.  

#62 Posted by wrathofconn (1483 posts) -

Just remake Tiberian Sun and I'm all in.

#63 Posted by Jedted (2645 posts) -

"it’s the ability to anticipate, plan, and react.” 
This is not a bad ideology to live by in the video game industry. 
#64 Edited by Zohar (133 posts) -

EALA, bless their hearts, had a lot of problems with CnC.  CnC 3 was OK.  Other then some design and story choices, it was a pretty solid game.  Online was a mess though.  It was fun, and had a good foundation, but balance issues plagued it from day 1.  It was basically a drastic sway from one OP unit to the next on a patch by patch basis.  1.2 spam scorpion tanks.  1.4 spam rocket buggies.  1.6 spam engineers in APCs....  1.whatever, spam infantry (just examples, I've  long forgotten the the patch to spam equation)
It was also rife with disconnectors, hackers, and other cheaters that were apparently impossible to track and punish.  The real killer was when the devs made it so that every game that ended in a disconnect resulted in a loss.  Basically if your bitch of an opponent pulled his plug when you were kicking his ass, YOU would get a loss, as well as him.
These and other changes basically destroyed the online community because A.) it wasn't balanced at all and B.) People got fed up with drastic changes on every patch.
Red Alert 3 was a great game.  Again, they... really pulled the story out there and basically retconned RA2, but I guess it doesn't matter when you're talking about Red Alert.  The online play was way more balanced and the unit design was great.  Overall a really good game.
CnC4 was an utter piece of crap.  It started life (as I understand it.  Could be wrong)  as an Asian-only online-only game that the suits upstairs decided needed to be a full release.  It was slapped together and advertised as the epic final chapter of the Kane story.  The gameplay was changed so severely it may as well not have been a CnC game.  The "story" was terrible, short, poorly written and poorly acted.  Finally, the ending, which they promised wouldn't be Kane walking off into a white light with little to no explanation ended up being Kane standing in an all-white room walking into a weird looking portal with little to no explanation.  To top it all off the online play was god-awful.
They can't possibly (if they have any self-respect) continue the main CnC story after 4, they probably won't do Red Alert 4.  My guess.... reboot of CnC called... "The Command and Conqueror!"

#65 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Here's hoping they go back to the original game formula and not try to keep doing new things that end up sucking. I would KILL for a remake of 95 and Red Alert with updated graphics.

#66 Posted by fallen_elite (380 posts) -
@crusader8463 said:
" Here's hoping they go back to the original game formula and not try to keep doing new things that end up sucking. I would KILL for a remake of 95 and Red Alert with updated graphics. "
Yeah I agree. They need to follow the Blizzard SC2 route and just update the early C&C games.
#67 Posted by buzz_clik (7265 posts) -
#68 Posted by niamahai (1409 posts) -

you guys are not reading in between the lines! 
this means we get more Kane! 
Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane!

#69 Posted by Nomin (1004 posts) -

If there's any game that is terribly due for a remake, this game is it. 

#70 Posted by Vampire_Chibi (202 posts) -

Hopefully EA wont fuck this one up too, everything went down at kane's wrath.

#71 Posted by Redsand26 (146 posts) -

color me interested.

#72 Posted by Doogie2K (217 posts) -

You know what, EA? Just give them more than a fucking year. For reals.

#73 Edited by Capum15 (5106 posts) -

...I really, really, really fucking love Command and Conquer, so this is pretty great news.

I haven't played CnC 4 though, but I have played 3 and loved the fuck out of it (I think I have around 90 hours logged according to Steam). Loved RA3 too. Never really cared about the small scale it seemed to take with 4, what with the mobile command center stuff.

Anyway, I wonder what it'll be.

#74 Posted by MaddProdigy (1074 posts) -

Real, quality reboots take years. The fact that they are already working working on a sequel, and apparently have been for a while, makes me less than excited for what the game will be. 
Of course I'll keep my hopes up, it's just disappointing to see they are already trying to stuff more coals into the money trains engine without cleaning out all the dead ones first.

#75 Posted by draok (3 posts) -

@Kaj235 I totally agree with you. Generals Zero Hour is my favorite of the franchise. 

#76 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Still waiting for a C&C game as good as Red Alert.    

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