jimbo_n's Command & Conquer (PC) review

A big part of the RTS foundation.

C&C. The grandfather of RTS. Took Dune and made it a huge mainstream success. Huge enough to really put Westwood on the map. Pokes fun at worldwide conflicts and makes it feel important at the same time. C&C is also the resurrection of full motion video cutscenes with people like Mr Kane. Command & Conquer was charm and pixelperfected realtime strategy set to the mindblowing soundtrack of Mr Frank Klepacki whos soundtracks still infects both my Winamp and my iPod. C&C1 set up the cornerstones for Red Alert to be built upon and it sparked something that is still going strong within the PC RTS scene. On a sidenote, did you know that Frank Klepacki has created the soundtrack to the recent (as of writing this) RTS game Universe At War? I played that game for many hours just to listen to the soundtrack and you should to. The man havent lost his edge with the modern heavy rock/electronica military metal !


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    Command & Conquer, is one of the greatest, and pioneers in the RTS genre, has it aged well?  the answer is, I don´t know judge for yourself,  but let´s begin with why is dated:  - the graphics, if you are very touchy with graphics stay away. - May be, the sound department, I´m adding this one cause is a hit or miss, for some of you it may sound nostalgic, and awesome (the death screams, the explosions, and EVA´s voice) but it get tedious over the time, you soon realize, why the scream that h...

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