The Commmodore Amiga is not dead!

#1 Posted by Spleeny (18 posts) -

Long live the A500 and friends. Good memories last forever...  :)   although my A1200 chewed a HDD one time  :P

Anyone got a favourite machine or game?

My fav game was probably "Dungeon Master" which lives on as Return to Chaos --->  although Captive which was similar was also good, except for the bug that got you stuck around level 12. That game had ED209s!

#2 Posted by MyMANWICH (47 posts) -

Right on Spleeny.

My Amiga 1000 will forever be my gateway drug for real gaming and computing. 

By far my favourite game will always be Blood Money even though I never managed to finish it, but Dungeon Master was pretty awesome. Big fan of the Bard's Tale as well. I'm busy trying to update Amiga game pages here so everyone will know how great and robust a system it was.
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#3 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

"Anyone got a favourite machine or game?"

The commodore 64 was my first, and has to go down as my favourite. I probably played more games on that thing than I have played on anything else combined.
I would spend the whole day (I was like 5 or 6 i had nothing better to do) going through 5 Inch Floppy disks and 20 minute loading screens.

Many good memories.

#4 Posted by Pink_o_mat (220 posts) -

I really loved my Amiga 500 back in the 90s. My favourites were (among many others) Chaos Engine (I think it was called 'Soldiers of fortune' in the US) and Silkworm!
The C64 was an educational experience. I read a lot of great books waiting for it to load games!

#5 Posted by jlrm01 (2629 posts) -

The Amiga 500 was such an amazingly fun computer. So many great games (I think I played Prince of Persia on it, and Cannon Fodder). However, the most fun I had with it was with Deluxe Paint III (by EA; I saved money for months to buy the program) and with the music trackers. Sadly, I lost my entire collection of games at the same time when I moved. :(

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