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In Hyperdimension Neptunia, Compa is currently a nurse-in-training at one of the schools on Planeptune when the rising amount of monster attacks force the closure of the schools and a end to her training. She first encounters Neptune after watching a shooting star from the heavens crash down to the ground and finds the unconsious Neptune stuck in the ground from the massive impact of her fall. She nurses Neptune back to health, and is surprised when Neptune can not remember where she came from or what her past is, thus Compa's unprofessional diagnosis is that Neptune is suffering from amnesia due to the impact from her smashing into the ground. When Neptune decides to set out to find the Four Key Fragments to save Histy (the voice of a Tome that can only make contact with Neptune), Compa decides to join the party and aid Neptune in her adventures in Gameindustri


Hyperdimensional Neptunia
Compa wields a massive medical syringe in battle, attacking her enemies by slashing at them with the sharp needle, slamming the syringe on them as a giant club,  or by shooting powerful blasts from the needle at them. She also attacks enemies with powerful slaps, uppercuts, downswings, and backhands that deal various amounts of damage depending on the enemy in question. She can also have special syringes that employ various degrees of poison damage on the enemy after each turn, slowly weakening them over time. Compa also has the ability to use ranged attacks, blasting her opponents with a powerful shot from her giant syringe that can deal not just normal damage, but fire, ice, earth, and wind damage as well. Being the one who is skilled at healing, Compa has several powerful spells that not only heal herself and her allies, but can remove status aliments such as paralysis and poisoning from IF, Neptune, Gust, or other party members. Seen in the image to your left is Compa using her giant syringe as a club as she performs a powerful spin attack on Black Heart during one of the times you encounter her in the game.

In the end, Compa is a well-balanced character with powerful attacks and great healing powers, making her a essential asset in each and every encounter you experience in your adventures across Gameindustri. Be sure to invest into her weapons and items, so that she can be even more devastating in combat.

Accessories (Items)

Compa (Hyperdimensional Neptunia)
During your adventures in Hyperdimension Neptunia, you will come across many items that you can apply to one of your current party members, from new, more lethal weapons to items that grant more health and stronger defensive powers upon the user. Most of these upgraded items can be purchased in the in-game store when you have acquired the necessary funds to afford the upgrade. As mentioned in the combat section, Compa comes equipped with a giant medical syringe when you first start the game, and at certain points in the game, you will unlock newer, more powerful variations of her syringe that deals more damage, can cause the enemy to be poisoned, and deals more damage when using a ranged attack (as in shooting a blast at your enemies in combat). As seen in the image to your left, here is Compa in battle (armed with a upgraded form of her standard syringe and wearing the Nurse's Hat accessory, which can be purchased from the in-game store).

Accessories (Outfits)

Nurse Outfit for Compa
As also seen in the image above and the image on the left, there are unique outfits and special accessories that you can purchase for each of the characters in your party, from eyeglasses, bunny ears, cat ears, and all the way to new outfits (such as a black and white version of Neptune's standard outfit). Compa can have the Nurse's Hat, Bunny Ears, and other items that you have purchased for her in the store (Note: Equipping these items do not grant any special powers or boost stats. They are for customizing your character to suite your taste in how they look). A example of Compa's Nurse Outfit is to the left of this page.

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