Ah man - bugged Theater of War?

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Anyone else get the bug in ToW? Damn irritating, means you have no option to select commanders during the game. Seems to be affecting pre-orders and Collector editions, though supposedly a solution is on the way.

Gotta say, ToW seems great fun but it's killing me trying to win with basic troop options...

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Yep been having the same issue. Its a shame because ToW is really great. Oh and I have a crash bug after every single match as well. I hope they manage to patch it very soon because these are silly issues to have on launch day.

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Thankfully I'm not getting the crash bug but hell, frustrating. Especially since ToW was one part they decided not to test in Beta... hindsight is 20/20 I guess

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Well they've just patched and fixed the commanders issue, hope you have similar luck with the crashing @scroll

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@jarowdowsky: They have indeed fixed the commander issues in ToW, makes it a little bit easier. Unfortunately the crash bug persists.

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@scroll Ah, bummer, hope they get it sorted for you soon man

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