Good maps for Turtle players?

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Hey guys, my friends and I are huge fans of the original COH. We are not competitive RTS players in anyway so we usually just play 3 v 3 Expert AI. In the original COH, we would usually pick maps that had two pieces of land separated by bridges or water that we could either blow up the bridges or place enough defenses to separate us from the enemy until we maxed out our forces with the best units and then steamrolled the computer. So far in COH2 though, we haven't found any maps that allow us to do this effectively. We end up just getting rushed right at the start and end up losing more times than not. I don't know if its a combination of the maps and the new factions and the game pacing and everything but I was wondering if anybody knew of any maps in COH2 that would be good for the turtle strategy we enjoy?

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