How's the framerate? What settings and hardware?

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Curious how the framerate is holding up for anyone playing and wondering what settings in game you're using as well as what hardware you're running it on.

I ask because i had some issues running the beta build over the weekend with my newly installed crossfire HD 7770 setup, figured it was because of the CF because when i ran an earlier beta build with a single 7770, it played nice on high settings. I DL'd a new Catalyst Application Profile pack that has one for this game that disables CF when the game launches after reading that CF wasn't supported yesterday but i couldn't play to test it out.

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@oldmanlight: I have a GTX560 TI, 8GB of RAM and an i7-2600 CPU. I'm downloading now - I'll letcha know in a bit.

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I'm running (good opportunity to final get the new PC specs typed out!) -

16 GB
i7-3770k 3.5 ghz (though think that's overclocked further if I remember right)
GTX 650 Ti Boost x 2 in SLI

I'm running the following settings, though frankly just getting back into PC gaming and most of this is just guess work :

1920x1080 at 60hz
resolution - 100%
Image quality - max
Anti-aliasing - off
v-sync - off
texture detail - medium
snow detail - high
physics - medium

Any advice on those would be great

The performance test gives me the following fps -

minimum - 16.59
maximum - 63.49
average - 29.45

And the game itself plays really well, guessing I'm unlikely to be using the kind of perspective the performance test uses. Never had any performance lag in multiplayer so far (fingers crossed!)

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well just tried the latest drivers and now I'm clocking -

minimum - 18.20
maximum - 50.55
average - 30.72

Ah, PC gaming, it's all just magic and confusion really isn't it ;)

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@jarowdowsky: Dunno this seems really bad, given the specs.

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@wuddel: yeah man, but the game itself does run really smooth, any framerate spike tends to be others - so I'm thinking the performance test is deliberately hardcore - lots of snow, units, explosions.

Have to wait for a patch and see how other performance specs compare :)

Worth noting that the framerate on other games is through the bloody roof.

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Just wanted to say that I gave this a go and it really helped bump up the framerate -

Seems the game is constantly saving the reply pulling down the performance with no option to turn it off (great design decision there)...

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