So the new commanders for Collector's Edition...

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Heya all, few people may have noticed that the second half of the unique 10 commanders for the Collector's Edition have been released and I was wondering how people felt about them?

Personally I don't have the CE but reading through what's on offer I think I'd feel a little short-changed if I did. All of the abilities in the original set of commanders offer something unique, right down to completely different vehicles such as the Tiger or very heavy Soviet tanks.

So I was really surprised to see that the new lot, which were a pretty big part of the extra 30 bucks for the collector's edition, are just different mix-ups of the same set of abilities. No new units, no new abilities, no new anything.

I know there's no reason to have expected anything special but seems like a really cheap way to go and just a week after launch? Can't help feeling they've been rushed out so that more unique commanders can be sold as paid DLC. Ah, maybe that's too cynical but it at least shows a pretty big lack of imagination...

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First set of dlc/ce commanders didn't have anything unique either, all their abilities and units are present with default unlockable commanders at higher levels, they were also just remixes.

If they had unique abilities then people would have complained even more that that's scummy as they would have been selling you power and units that are simply not available to everyone. By only remixing the existing abilities they are making them more defensible as simply an alternative to things people already have rather then a straight up unfair advantage.

(tho it can be argued that the specific combos of the DLC commanders are better then default ones because of the way they synergise)

Game has bigger issues to worry about imo then an overpriced and feeble CE.

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This game just comes across as not very well thought out, when it comes to DLC, collectors editions and micro transactions.

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@tennmuerti: Yup, Relic made that mistake with CoHO. Game-changing doctrinal abilities like heavy rocket barrages, flak 88s, and Tiger tanks were locked behind paywalls. Complete horseshit. Pay to win schemes are the least compatible with RTS

#5 Posted by Scroll (623 posts) -

If they made the tiger exclusive to a dlc commander it would be fucking outrageous.

Basically I think its great that they are just a remix of abilities.

#6 Posted by jarowdowsky (218 posts) -

I'm ain't gonna say it's certain but it feels like some of those different abilities and units will be in future DLC, doesn't it? I mean that has been the Total War model that SEGA seem to enjoy pushing.

I'm not saying that's right but if it is going to happen then don't these remixes just look like an excuse to make everyone pay for new units including Collector's Edition purchasers. I mean it's a terrible UI in the game but they can't of accidentally added slots for about 30 different commanders.

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