What 80 EUR?

#1 Posted by Wuddel (2109 posts) -

On steam, for a digital download?

#2 Posted by Loamachine (9 posts) -

lol what an insane price

#3 Edited by Nictel (2540 posts) -

Lol looks like they made a mistake:

Normal edition: 80€

Collectors edition: 80€

Upgrade to collectors edition: 28€

I'm going to guess the normal edition is supposed to be 55€ or something like that

#4 Posted by Wuddel (2109 posts) -

Yeah, its 50 EUR now. Still pretty steep. I might wait for the first reduction.

#5 Edited by Jimbo (10109 posts) -

£40 Steam, £28 retail...

#6 Posted by Morningstar (2265 posts) -

@jimbo said:

£40 Steam, £28 retail...

Yeah, Im not buying it on steam, that's for sure.

#7 Posted by Wuddel (2109 posts) -

I guess its steam works? So you can just punch in the code and download?

#8 Posted by Scroll (607 posts) -

@wuddel: Yep. If you can't wait for retail to be delivered GMG had it for £30 a few days ago.

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