Company of Heroes Online betakey giveaway!

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Just register for the site and get a key.

 How to redeem:

  1. Report to to enlist for active duty
  2. Fill in the registration fields on the sign-up page
  3. Enter your unique beta access code into the “BETA KEY” field
  4. Agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  5. Click the “ INSTALL GAME” button that appears at the top of the web page
  6. After installing the launcher, the game will automatically begin patching – this may take several hours depending on your download speed
  7. Log in to the launcher to access your profile, forums, and other features
  8. When patched, click “LAUNCH GAME” to start playing
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@Forcen: Did it, downloading right now
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Done, lets try this. And how did you post this 3 days ago and no one responded?

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