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Brings two new factions into the fray!

Company of Heroes:Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone expansion to one of the greatest RTS games to this date.(In my opinion, of course.) You get to play as the British, and the German Panzer Elite. The British take on a more defensive style of warfare, whereas the Panzer Elite(PE) take on a mobile style of warfare, where their army is almost constantly on the move to harass and tease the enemy.

The British get to build defensive emplacements such as trenches, machine gun nests, and mortar nests from their simplest unit. They get a movable HQ building so they can deploy troops closer to the front and secure resources.

The Panzer Elite get strong infantry from the start with the capability to build new buildings for stronger units and they have a great variety of ways to defeat the enemy.

Although I sometimes feel that one faction has an advantage over the enemy at some times, Relic usually fixed this with patches.

Oh, by the way. Don't get the expansion called Tales of Valor, It's a rip off.


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    Adds to a Great Game 0

    Opposing Fronts just adds to the already great game Opposing Fronts.  The new factions involve completely different styles of play in multiplayer than any of the other factions.  However the brits are somewhat overpowered,  Hopefully that will be fixed in upcoming patches...

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