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It might be old news for many, but in case anyone missed it, there's quite an excellent podcast dedicated to Company of Heroes. It's called Tales of heroes and located at:

They have both and audio version with general talk about tactics, patches and everything in between, plus an video show which focuses on replays. The basic training episodes are highly recommended for newcomers.

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They stopped putting out new episodes a while ago. They're great tho, made me a much better CoH player.

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Great show I remember watching this all the time.

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Yeah, it was a great show.  The basic training stuff they put out was a good primer for beginning players. Just be aware that due to balance changes in various patches that have come out since- not all of their information is still up to date.  There is a show on the CoH portal called Drophacked that has both audio and video episodes if you are interested in current content.

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