What Faction Do You Prefer

#1 Posted by Scorched (746 posts) -

I prefer American
but get most wins with brits
probably because they're overpowered

#2 Posted by Vision (793 posts) -

I prefer American
i think i played the brits once and didn't like it.
i play German on a rare occation.

#3 Posted by prodromus (23 posts) -

I like US as well although I also really like playing as wehrmacht.
Brits are a bit OP at the moment I'd say and frankly I don't really like playing with them. 

#4 Posted by Artie (856 posts) -

I like the normal Nazis the best. Otherwise I pick Brits. Americans are too difficult to use for my play style.

#5 Posted by akn102991 (7 posts) -

I play all of them, but currently im in a love affair with the americans.  Ive gotten a good streak with the M8 + Bars + Rangers strat, which gets all those out at about the same time.  Its beautiful when its done right.

I throw in a pair of quad .50s for the PE blobs    :P

#6 Posted by chandlerr_360 (132 posts) -

Americans are by far my favorite faction, followed by Wehr, Brits, and then PE.

#7 Posted by chandlerr_360 (132 posts) -

Americans are by far my favorite faction, followed by Wehr, Brits, and then PE.

#8 Edited by xruntime (1980 posts) -

Americans, cause....thats what I played in the campaign

#9 Posted by TheDon02 (9 posts) -

I almost play exclusively as Wehrmacht. The Blitzkrieg doctrine is incredibly effective.

#10 Posted by sdauz (432 posts) -

Wehrmacht - Stug RUSH !! YEAH

#11 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

Brits or PE for me,PE are the masters of Blitzkrieg(lightning war).Americans are dumb they suck(in the game that is).

#12 Posted by RTSlord (1227 posts) -

Wehrmacht, its a ton of fun to run around with infantry equipped w/rocket launchers taking down tanks

#13 Posted by Ultimadark (190 posts) -

Americans and Wehrmacht for me, PE are alright but I don't like the Brits. The Brits just don't suit my playing style.

#14 Posted by Gargantuan (1890 posts) -

Germans have the best voice acting.

#15 Posted by MrSnow (1300 posts) -

Der Deutsch. Or is that die das den des. They have 16 ways to say the.

#16 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -
@sdauz said:
Wehrmacht - Stug RUSH !! YEAH
And there come the Yankees with Ranger spam.
I also prefer the Nazis, but the Panzer Elite ones.
#17 Posted by DrStrangepork (186 posts) -

Currently the Wehrmacht, but I'm trying real hard to get good with the Brits. 

#18 Posted by kingcopper (50 posts) -

Wehrmacht. Walking stukas, Panther tanks, Knights Cross Holders - I think they're the most fun.

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