Need Help on Computer Problem

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Hey, I posted this on Tested, but thought I might as well post it here, to get as much help as possible.
 I'm having a problem with my computer that I'm not sure how to fix, and was hoping maybe you guys could help.  So, I had speakers plugged into the back, and I went to unplug them and plug in my headphones, as I've done many times before.  But, when I plugged in my headphones, I came back up and the computer was frozen.  I wasn't too worried, I just turned it off with the button.  When I tried turning it on though, it seemed to turn on normally, but my monitor said it didn't have a signal.  My keyboard also didn't turn on, but my mouse did.  I tried restarting again, but nothing.  I checked the cords, and everything was in tightly. 
 So I went to eat dinner, and when I came back I tried turning it on again.  To my surprise, the monitor turned on.  But, after the boot screen, the screen just went blank.  I turned it off, and got into the screen where you can diagnose the problem on start up.  I ran the diagnoses, but it said everything was working fine.  The only tip it gave me was to unplug any devices I had put in then restart.  I went to the back, and unplugged my headphones that I had plugged in.  But as I was getting through the jumble of cords, my hand knocked against the mouse cord and it came loose.  I plugged it back in, but it wasn't working anymore.  So, I turned my computer off.  When I tried turning it back on, the screen once again said "No Signal" and has been like that ever since.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix it?

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Additional Info: I recently put in a new stick of RAM, but that was 2 weeks ago.  My computer is fairly new, I built it at the beginning of summer.

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This is shooting from the hip, but it sounds like it maybe a motherboard issue.

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@slurmisaninja: Actually, at the moment, the PC will turn on seemingly normally, but the monitor isn't getting a signal, and the keyboard won't turn on.
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This sort of thing I find is trial and error. If you can I would plug into a different monitor and/or keyboard.

Is the keyboard USB? I imagine it is.

Regardless it does sound like a power supply or mobo issue. Although it always seems like power supply is the more common issue.

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@The_Hiro_Abides: My motherboard is very new, but I've had my power supply for awhile, so that would probably be the more likely problem.  And yes, my keyboard is USB. 

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