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Cast me out of Valhalla, please... 0

Now, I like sword slashing and boob ogling as much as the next guy, and there's plenty of both in THQ's new Conan game. It's been a while since we've seen any sort of digital representation of everyone's favorite barbarian, and although there's plenty of gory action and high fantasy to be found in this Cimmerian's hack and slash effort, repitition and poor design choices lead to more headache than head rush.So here's the rundown of this game's story. As Conan, you'll start the game attempting t...

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Smite your enemies 0

Through playing Conan i often wondered what the game would be like without the exist of God of War. It certainly tries to set itself of in such a manner as to which you can't help asking that question. However once you get bast this barrier of hating unoriginal gameplay, you'll find that Conan is actually a fun little game Conan begins as he opens a tomb and releases the black plague amongst the world. While doing this he loses his armor and must go back and retrieve it. He meets a young warrio...

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"Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian..." 0

THQ has done an admirable job the past few years of producing games that may not be AAA titles, but that are fairly solid and fun to play. I was still a bit skepitical, however, of Nihilistic developing the game after their dismal Marvel Nemesis, so I wasn't so sure what to expect from Conan. My hopes were high that Conan would turn out to be a quality game due to me being a Conan fan since the early 1980s when I bought every Conan comic book under the sun. Luckily for me, Nihilistic delivered a...

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