Conception Demo Due the 19th

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Is anyone else here psyched to check this demo out? The game looks like kind of a cross between Persona 3 and Etrian Odyssey what with the art style and all. No word yet on what part of the game will be in the demo. Hopefully the part where you roll through dungeons with your ballin' posse of child soldiers will feature heavily, because I'm curious how controlling ten or more party members will work.

I'm kinda looking forward to seeing some of the story parts too, as they've apparently opted to have animated 3d characters instead of the typical, still character portraits. What little I've seen of that looks really nice, so hopefully the demo will have some of that to look at in between beating on things with swords. The graphics are really nice for the psp and it looks like the kind of game you could lose days worth of time in leveling up all your little dudes. You can try your hand at dungeon crawling with your child army on the 19th.

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