Anyone still playing multiplayer? want to play sometime?

#1 Posted by Doc_Zaius (119 posts) -

I'm still having fun with the multiplayer Condemned 2.  I'd like to play and get a few cheesemints while I'm at it.  NO BOOSTING!  I like to play legit.

if you want to play sometime, look me up.

gamertag Zaius3000

#2 Posted by aDub (2 posts) -

I'd like to play this on Xbox LIVE - I don't have many friends that play this one online.

gamertag II aDub II

#3 Posted by Royale (157 posts) -

I finally got this one and when I tried to find a game no matter the criteria, I couldn't find one.  Are people just not playing this anymore?  It seems like it could be very cool.

#4 Posted by pause422 (6184 posts) -

Its kinda like dumb silly fun online, but there's a reason no one plays it there, melee games are just too jittery in our day and age of just broadband, until everyone has t1-t3 internet games based completely on close combat like this over a hosted connection can never properly usually just turned into a 'move forward and swing' then strafe around and back up repeatedly kind of thing.

#5 Posted by Royale (157 posts) -


I played a bit.  Does not work.  Well, I didn't like deathmatch modes.  The crime scene and bum rush are pretty cool still.  But the lag kills this game.  If only I could convince my friends to pick it up so we could play over a LAN.

One thing that angers me about some games is that they have multiplayer achievements where if you pick up the game "late" are next to impossible to get because no one is playing online anymore.  It really disappoints me.

Condemend 2 single player... top notch.

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