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A fantastic grusome experience for the mature audience 3

If faced against a psychopathic meth addict would you be willing to beat him down with a riped off toilet seat, or smash his face into a meat grinder? If you answered yes, then you might be prepared to drop down in Monolith's latest horror entry, Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The sequel to Sega's Xbox 360 launch title returns to the gritty Metro City, and engages players on a thrill ride jam-packed with the intense horror and melee combat that made Criminal Origins such a standout. Bloodshot picks u...

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Snooker loopy 0

The original Condemned was a one-of-the-kind atmospheric thrill ride, and certainly knew how to get your blood going. It had some of the most genuinely intense first person melee combat I've ever seen, and was at times terrifying to boot. I was hopeful that Condemned 2: Bloodshot could fix some of its quirks to deliver a more streamlined package, but the end result is a bit of a mixed bag. A lot of the core mechanics have been improved, but the game's narrative has taken a turn down crazy lane, ...

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Terrifying, violent and disturbing. 1

His life is a wreck. Drunk, angry and dying for another drink, he crushes some pills with his glass, brushes the remains into his drink and downs the lot. An unfortunate guy gets his face pummeled in by him after accidentally brushing past him. He is Ethan Thomas, former Serial Crime Unit investigator. Several months after the events of the first game, the Serial Crime Unit want Ethan back. Another serial killer is on the lose, and Ethan is the only man for the job.Unfortunately for Ethan, the l...

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Condemned or it should be 0

  Condemned .... Oh condemned This title was a huge disappointment to me. I loved the first condemned but this one just seems like it's wallowing in itself so much it's like the game itself doesn't even matter. Well to be fair the combat was pretty good at first it felt like some good melee combat heavy with a lot of crushing blows. And the graphics were actually very good, But my gripe is not with the graphics or the combat. It's everything else.Now before all of you "Dark" And pre mordom "...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot keeps the franchise going strong. 0

I was late getting into Condemned, seeing that I was not into the next generation of gaming when the first in the franchise was released on the Xbox 360. After I got my Xbox 360, Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of the first five games I picked up for it. I had a lot of interest in the game from reading in game magazine and seeing coverage on various game sites. Being a big fan of horror-themed video games, I knew I would enjoy the game.Condemned 2: Bloodshot was released on March, 11 2008 on...

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Serial killers, alcohol demons and a conspiracy. 0

It was a happy day when the news broke that Monolith was making a sequel to their visceral and atmospheric first person brawler Condemned. The first game was an experiment in how to take a FPS fought with your fists to the next level. It was tried before in games like Riddick and Breakdown, but the focus in Condemned was almost totally on your ability to punch and pick up weapons in the environment to bash dudes over the head with. It was an effective and thrilling ride, culminating in a very me...

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Jumping the realm of fantasy... 0

Condemned 2: BloodshotXbox 360It takes a messed up mind to compare a game such as Condemned 2 to the classic feel good TV show Happy Days, but I think we'll get there. Happy Days was famous for being great, but infamous for an utterly ridiculous scene towards the end of it's run in which the figure of awesomeness personified as The Fonz jumped over a shark whilst water ski-ing. Not that I mean to demean a power as great as The Fonz, but not even I can overlook such blatant silliness. Ever since,...

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Brutal face beating taken to a new level 2

It should be mentioned up front that Condemned 2 is a graphic and truly scary game, which is definitely not for everyone. Now before you put your macho pants on and proclaim "I aint scared of no vidja game!" heed my words signor, this game is in my opinion one of the most frightening soiled pants-inducing games around.Condemned 2: Bloodshot takes off where the original Condemned left off with disgruntled Serial Crimes Unit agent Ethan Thomas succumbing to alcoholism, sometimes leading to disturb...

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Condemned 2 is great, if you're prepared to face its craziness 0

  If you've ever played Monolith's excellent Condemned: Criminal Origins, then you might remember that game for having a great atmosphere, a pretty intriguing plot and some truly psychotic enemies that you brutally smashed down with all manner of blunt and sharp objects. In Condemned 2, you can find all of those things, but the game has been cranked up a notch in terms of violence and overall craziness. If the first Condemned left you wanting more, but on a more convoluted level, then Co...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review 0

Hmm, Condemned 2. Where do I begin? Why not some good. The first game was one of the best launch titles for the 360, and probably the only one worth buying. It had its share of scares, combat, and grossness. How does the new one stand up to it? Well, you don't have to worry about them being the exact same game. This one is way different from the first one, actually adding a lot of new content. First off, definitely the combat. The attacks feel good and fluid, and generally the hit detection is s...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot 0

Condemned 2 is a survival horror game that isn't crap. Unlike some of the other horror games out there, *cough* Obscure…… You play as Ethan Thomas, a former agent who has had a LITTLE too much alcohol to drink, and has let his life go to ruin. You will follow him as he tries to solve the mystery for as to why the entire town is turning into rioting, mindless, and violent psychos. Condemned 2 would be considered as a first person shooter to many people, but you actually do more fighting than sh...

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You Die alot! but its freaking awsome 0

So i only played the first condemned for maybe only an hour and a half.  horror genra games are my type of game.  I have been hooked on silent hill and resident evil since the first iterations.  Condemned 2 overall is a great game.  At first it takes a while to get into the hand to hand combat, i only started to master it towards the end of the game.  Oh and you die alot in this game, but thankfully they have alot of auto save checkpoints, i mean alot.  If they didn't have any checkpoints, this ...

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Jigsaw called, he wants his ideas back. 0

Scary is a sweet spot somewhere between seeing too little and seeing too much that very few 'survival horror' games actually find. Silent Hill 2 did during the infamous Pyramid Head voyeur scene. Fatal Frame 2 found it as well, and is probably the most frightening game I have even played. Condemned 2 never does, instead becoming the video game equivalent of Hostel: interactive torture porn, and the bums being crushed between electrified metal bed frames aren't the only ones feeling the pain. The...

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Condemned 2 offers a bone chilling experience like no other. 0

Whoever said beating the crap out of bums wasn't fun, obviously didn't play Condemned 2, because if they did, they sure as hell would take that back. The return of not so secret anymore agent Ethan Thomas is one marred with alcoholism, messed up dudes, and yeah, kicking the living crap out of any and all those would dare to stand in his way. Developer Monolith has once again shown that they still have the touch to scare gamers to death, and that they've learnt a trick or two along the way; wheth...

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Improved in some areas, yet devloved in others. 0

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review.posted: 03/24/2008 Condemned 2: Bloodshot PLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360) PUBLISHER (Sega) PRICE $60 ESRB RATING (M for Mature) PLAYERS (1-8 online) The first Condemned came out alongside the launch of the Xbox 360. I found myself completely immersed in it's visceral blend of the survival horror and first person shooter genres. The first person melee made the game slower, but this worked well because it added to the claustrophobia and sense of dread this...

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Frustrating, but less scary than its predecessor. Disapppointing 0

I am a huge fan of the first "Condemned". It was one of the scariest games in years and it had a very interesting story to go along with its intense, brain-bashing first person melee combat. "Condemned 2" tries to address some of the faults with the first game by adding a lot more variety to the combat while upgrading the forensics aspects of the game. They are noble attempts, but Condemned 2 ultimately fails. The game's story fails to live up to the first one, and in the meantime, it has become...

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Still one of a kind, but little improvement on first game. 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Unique > This game plays like...hmmm...the first game and it still works well. It's really odd that no one has followed the visceral, heart-pounding emotional experience that it has.- Melee fighting > No one does it better but there should have been some extra training for the more complex combos.- New enemies > The one in the lodge was pretty cool, nuff said.- Investigation > ...

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Bloodshot 0

Bloodshot is a sadistic and gruesome concoction. Hurling the player into realms of madness, the game captures this schizophrenic and confused nature through bouts of gritty realism and fantastical dreamy elements. This first person action title refines certain mechanical elements from the previous Condemned, but with some convoluted design decisions elsewhere in the game, they begin to hinder the franchise’s maturity as a whole. Like the original, Ethan explores the gruesome underworld in a firs...

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Dark atmospheric brutality 0

I finished this game awhile back, and I tend to agree with the review. Definitely more enjoyable than the first I would say is the bottom line for Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Especially in terms of level design, surprisingly I really didn't get lost at all in Condemned 2. As this was a big problem in the first game due to the fact that the environments, while incredibly detailed, were also recycled a lot. This made it easy to get lost and think to yourself  "Have I already been here?" constantly. ...

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GGTL: Condemned 2: Bloodshot 0

Condemned 2 is a hidden gem of a game. Amidst the influx of “kind-of-horror” games such as Dark Sector and (the fantastic) Uncharted, it is very refreshing to see a company as big as Sega put some money into a balls-out thrill-fest such as Condemned 2. And what a thrill it was.Condemned 2 is set in Metro City a year or so after the events of the previous game. The game is played through the eyes of Ethan Thomas, an ex-SCU agent who has been recruited again to investigate the murder of a former m...

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i dont wanna go around that corner!!...i know ITS there 0

this has quickly become my favourite horror game, the choice scenery, sounds, and unavoidable events make this game enthralling!! the first was easy as heck to just play straight through in one day, this one however made it particularly hard for me to get the gahonies to pick up again and begin mission five. the graphics are quite swell, while a will admit some of the noises are a little bit goofy(meth heads on the apartment) it still helped create that blood chilling effect. i found ymself much...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review 0

Condemned 2: Bloodshot has you once again coming back to the story of an agent who has to go up against things that can't be completely explained, and this time around you get to have a couple more gadgets to help you solve the crimes as they appear.The graphics have you freaking out, well at least I was freaking out because I play in the dark, they cast a lasting image in the brain and are overall crisp. The levels look exactly how you would picture rundown hotels, buildings, etc around a city ...

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Such a well made game 0

Game play: In condemned criminal origins you`re a police officer in the FBI who is called Agent Ethan Thomas and you have to investigate the crime scene to follow a serial killer named SKX that means serial killer X. There`s ten chapters in the game and you can use allot of different weapons you can also use 2x4, fire axes, pistols and allot of things that are in the enviroment. Now condemned two is part two ethan thomas has a beard long hair and he has alchoolic problems he doesn`t know what th...

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Bloodclot or Bloodshot? Either works. 0

GOOD: the strong story from the first Condemned fizzles a bit in this second installment. It’s a year later and a dejected, homeless and broken Ethan Thomas is called back to duty to help investigate a distressed call from his old mentor. The storyline itself isn’t too bad and actually kept me entertained. Also this new game allows for the one thing the last game didn’t. MULTIPLAYER! who doesn’t love multiplayer, zombies LOVE multiplayer so I LOVE MULTIPLAYER! Did I say it enough, I think so. Mu...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review 1

Have you ever felt the urge to bludgeon someone to death with a hammer? Wrench? Toilet seat? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then Monolith Productions' Condemned 2: Bloodshot is just right for you.Condemned 2 is the sequel to Monolith's highly acclaimed survival horror game "Condemned: Criminal Origins" and boy does it live up to it's predecessor's standards. You play as former crime investigator Ethan Thomas on the search for an old family friend once he's gone missing. Bad thin...

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A brutal, terrifying and twisted tale by the creators of F.E.A.R 0

Condemned 2 is truly a dark and disturbing tale that is worthy of Monoliths other creations. The game's main character is Ethan Thomas. Some time after the events after Condemned 1, he has become a raging alchoholic. Sort of an anti-hero but more depressing, in a good way.The game's plot revolves around a mystery of why specfic people are being killed and studied by a serial killer known as SKX and how Ethan is related to these people. To not give away many spoilers the plot is pretty good and h...

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Condemned 2 is immersive, but issues punch you in the face. 0

 Condemned 2 is an immersive game with some really great qualities, and I honestly had a fun time with it. The Visuals are at times stunningly gritty, bloody and fairly impresive, but some levels are too static or lack intersting textures and there are plenty of shotty moments, but overall visuals are good. Sound is amazing, however, ambience and sound effects are connected in one bar that you can edit, and ambience is far louder than the sound of effects themselves, so you will go in and try to...

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