exists's Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox 360) review

Still one of a kind, but little improvement on first game.

What was GIANT
- Unique > This game plays like...hmmm...the first game and it still works well. It's really odd that no one has followed the visceral, heart-pounding emotional experience that it has.

- Melee fighting > No one does it better but there should have been some extra training for the more complex combos.

- New enemies > The one in the lodge was pretty cool, nuff said.

- Investigation > Much more elaborate than the first game, the optional questions and more tools. The next game should add a more refined RPG element to the game such as upgrading weapons and armor, that would be a big plus.

- Story > It was ok, first game was better though, not enough mystery and your quest is not so clear and specific as the first, but overall not bad.

- Radios/TVs > Not a bad idea to go look for stuff that gives you extra info/news instead of just collecting birds.

- The Mask > Without spoiling anything, it's a nice add-in.

What BOMBed
- Multiplayer > Not needed, why even bother? Put all that effort in the single player to make it better instead, add those RPG elements.

- Achievements > Really bad, i'd rather look for those birds and metal pieces guys, come on! There should be some for beating levels or bosses and drop those multiplayer achievements, COD4 got it so right, everyone should learn from them. Monolith needs an achievements consultant!

- Variety > I might be asking too much but even though there were extra weapons, new enemies and new environment, there was no major new feature that would have made the game a significant step ahead of the first one.


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