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Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned 2 is a survival horror game that isn't crap. Unlike some of the other horror games out there, *cough* Obscure…… You play as Ethan Thomas, a former agent who has had a LITTLE too much alcohol to drink, and has let his life go to ruin. You will follow him as he tries to solve the mystery for as to why the entire town is turning into rioting, mindless, and violent psychos.

Condemned 2 would be considered as a first person shooter to many people, but you actually do more fighting than shooting, let me explain…… Throughout the game you will come to know your two friends Mr. Lefty, and Mr. Righto (your left and right hands) very well. Most of the gameplay consists of blocking attacks from your opponents, and waiting to strike them down. To add a little more, how would you say, spice to the mix you are even allowed to use ALMOST ANYTHING as a weapon. From toilet seats, to explosive cuddly babies, to giant axes of bloody doom….. ooohh yeah. Strangely though the hand to hand combat is more satisfying than the actual shooting segments in the game; when you pop a bullet into some freak's head, it just doesn't feel all that great. When you beat the crud out of someone with a toilet seat then you get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I noticed that from the very beginning that Condemned 2's combat system had one severe flaw, hand to hand combat with MULTIPLE enemies. While you're trying to block this one guy, some midget decides to be a pure comic genius and jumps you from behind, now what kind of fun is that!? I didn't pay $60 to have someone beat me down behind my back, I have my friends to do that for me, and guess what its FREE!!! (joke) The gameplay is still very satisfying though.

There was plenty of detail put into the game, into the environments, into, you know, everything. The blood writing on the wall, the superb lighting effects, many little things were there to retain that creepy feeling without making you wet yourself…….with joy. However, I was playing this game in an HD setting when I said all those nice remarks about the game. When I played this game in standard definition it looked as ugly as…… a turtle/hippo hybrid…..I don't know. The game looked blurry, there were nasty texture poppings, and at times I felt that my eyes were going to burst with sadness. The game was still playable, but it just didn't look all that great. You guys might not notice the difference but once you play a game in HD you never want to go back to….uuuuugggghhh…. STANDARD DEFINITION…..

The sound value in the game was excellent. Constant creepy noises scared the **** out of me, and gave me mind blowing paranoia. When you walk into a room and you hear a psycho snorting and going insane, man those are the moments to live for in the game. Each weapon you used had a different sound when it collided with an enemies body, oh it was satisfying. The only problem I had with the sound was during cutscenes. You could barely hear what the characters were saying, the background music and sound effects overwhelmed the character's voices. I even turned down the music and sound effects, and the voices were still hard to hear. Not even an old guy with the strongest hearing aid in the world could hear what was coming out of the character's mouth.

If you are a fan of survival horror games, I highly recommend you get this……once the price tag drops of course. Be warned though, make sure you have extra blankets, a straight jacket, and someone you can hold onto, cus this game delivers chills at a death defying level.

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