holabendez's Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360) review

Does Not Age Well

Some games do not age well. Condemned was made back in 2005, a launch game for the Xbox 360 and it looks every day of its age. It looks like it was originally made for the original Xbox and the developers simply up-res'ed some of the textures.

It has "innovative" gameplay involving mostly melee combat in a first person perspective, but I think the fact that few games have since tried doing this shows how successful that was.

It might have been good back in its day (and reviews I'd read were positive), but it just looks bad now.    

Posted by ChernobylCow

Sorry, weak review.  Can't recommend it.

Posted by jprnotld87

Totally agree with your review, I picked this game up for $4 and even at that price I couldn't get passed 20 minutes of this game. I play a lot of older games in fact I only really play old games whether on my ps2 or ps1, but this game is just garbage, although I can see how when it came out it might have been somewhat refreshing and different, to me it is just slow and poor looking.

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