splitterguy's Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360) review


    Condemned: Criminal Origins is quite possibly the scariest game ever developed.  This might seem crazy...Condemned is scarier than Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Clock Tower?  Hell yeah it is.  Scarier than those games combined.
    The game opens with our hero, Ethan Thomas, investigating a crime in a condemned building (get it?) in a bad part of town.  It's here where we're introduced to the investigation mechanics.  Investigating a crime consists of...pressing the X button and listening to your partner, Rosa, tell you what you just saw.  Sure, it sounds pretty boring, but I found myself so compelled to continue the story that it never bothered me.
    But down to the meat of the game, which is pure, brutal, hand-to-hand combat.  You're almost always without a fire-arm, which means you'll have to grab whatever is lying around to survive.  Lead pipes, shovels, and even fire axes are weapons of choice.  Using these weapons in a hand-to-hand fight is quite simply the most satisfying and horrific thing that's EVER been in a game.  Manhunt's got nothing on Condemned.
    What makes this game so scary?  A number of things.  Let's go down the list.
    1. You are almost always un-armed in a hostile environment.
    2. The enemies are sadistic and merciless as they are crazy.
    3. The world becomes more and more surreal in one of the most shocking twists I've ever experienced in a game.
    Condemned is a horror fans, or even FPS fans dream.  If you have an open mind, grab this game immediately.  You'll never sleep with the lights out again.


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