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The First Great Xbox 360 Game Released

It was the 360s only true next gen game for the 3-6 months post release.
It has a interesting story and is a blend between CSI, Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay and Resident Evil(when it was scary and the crazy Spanish ppl from 4).

Great graphics compared to other games at the time like say PDZ and COD2 and others that were out at the time. But the greatest thing about the graphics is the awesome atmosphere and lighting that really makes the game even more creepy then it already is.

It has amazing sound, I just sit in my chair shacking from the realistic sound from all the blunt weapons(having hit ppl whit signs, pipes and rebar whit concrete on I know how it sound) and the heavy breathing form the enemy hiding behind the corner or the fot steps of the enemy running up behind me and hitting me whit a shovel.

The AI in the game is among the best I've seen in a game. It probably uses alot of the same AI tecnhology as they used in F.E.A.R. so you should see how good it is from just that.
When you hit an enemy they swing back at you whit a huge swing that really surprises you the first few times since you don't really expect so life like reactions form enemys in a game.
There is also alot of mo-cap in the game that makes all the enemys look great and have smooth moves form one attack to the next.

In short its a game you shouldn't miss out on and will really creep you out in more then a few spots.
So if you like horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil you should check this out.
And on the plus side it has gone Classic, meaning that the price is really low and all 'n' all a great buy.
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