Condemned The Third

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I'm more than pleased to see Matt and Steve once again facing their fears with Condemned 2 but am left wondering if a third installment will appear on this generation of hardware. You would figure it would have been announced by now if it was in the works. Perhaps they are waiting for whatever MIcrosoft and Sony have in store.

I sincerely hope Monolith, who has been very quiet on all fronts which is almost as disturbing as the Condemned franchise, doesn't forget about it. Because as nonsensical as the plots of their games can be, they are at least engaging and unique.

Here's hoping Matt and Steve do a full playthrough (and turn subtitles on if possible) as they did with Criminal Origins. I've enjoyed some of the intern content but that quasi-Endurance Run has so far been the best. Props to Dan and Perry's FTP vids while I'm at it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I can't help but plug Vager's awesome extension to view intern content from GB in Chrome and Firefox, gotta be one the the most useful extensions I've come across.

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I would love to see another sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed both games. I also, unlike most other folks, enjoyed Matt and Steve playing through Condemned. Easily among the best intern content yet.

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I really hope that Monolith goes back to Condemned at some point but I think it's a pretty slim possibility. Condemned 2 didn't sell so well and I remember seeing it in bargain bins shortly after it's release. Damn shame because they were both pretty great.

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About as likely, if not less, as No One Lives Forever 3. Condemned sold tragic ammounts.

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Doubt it because Condemned 2 was a commercial failure....and it seems Steve and Matt have abandoned Condemned 2.

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Condemned was great. The sequel was pretty bad because it got a bit too supernatural for my liking, but had some great moments (i.e. the bear.) I hated what they did with the main character too.

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@benjaebe: Yeah the bear scene was the highlight of Condemned 2 for me, so intense.....the rest of it paled in comparison to the original though.

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Warner has kind of fucked with Monolith real bad. I don't think there is much left of it.

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I loved the brutality of Condemned 2. The story did kinda go off of the rails in the third act, though... It wasn't what I was really expecting. I was hoping for something a bit MORE supernatural instead of the goofy rationalization it took.

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Condemned sold pretty well by virtue of it being a 360 launch game. C2 didn't. C3 for xbox 720/Playstation 4?

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@wordfalling said:

left wondering if a third installment will appear

Dude, you're a bastard. Your title had me hoping someone had made an announcement (and dreading anyone would actually call it that).

@chrismafuchris said:

About as likely, if not less, as No One Lives Forever 3. Condemned sold tragic ammounts.

Sad that the market supports more and more and more of the same tired stuff, but we can't get a Condemned 3 or a Mirror's Edge 2.

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Love both Condemned games, really hoping they make a 3rd. As for the poor sales, didn't Monolith make F.3.A.R.? I can't imagine that selling too well, not much more than Condemned if at all.

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This is on my list of sequels I want ever so badly right beside Half Life 3. I loved the first two games, even when the story got a bit nutso. One of the few games to ever get FPS melee combat right.

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What the hell happened to Steve and Matt? Why was the FG cancelled?

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@TheSouthernDandy said:

This is on my list of sequels I want ever so badly right beside Half Life 3. I loved the first two games, even when the story got a bit nutso. One of the few games to ever get FPS melee combat right.

As much as I loved the fighting in Condemned 2 (oh man was it so fun to punch dudes), I missed the helplessness and frantic combat of the first. In Condemned 2, a group of enemies was an excuse to beat people senseless, and I spent hours in the arena mode perfecting the fighting. in the first one, two dudes became a terrible, horrifying fight for my life with whatever I could get my sweaty hands on. I would have liked Condemned 2 a lot more if it were a different series, because I really hated that such a wonderful first-person fighting system was plopped on to it.

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I just got my 360 within the past year, so I ended up played Condemned 2 on PS3 first--and totally loved it. I like Condemned 1 (still working my way through it) but the second, as ridiculous as it got, had so much more personality, interesting locales, and more fluent & fun combat. I can see where people would like the second way less after being familiarized with the gritty & scarier realism of the first, but I'd love to see the out there stuff introduced in the second taken even further. A third is definitely one of my most anticipated games, and I know I'm never getting a Clive Barker's Jericho 2 so at least let me have a Condemned 3 cruel world!!

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A fitting thread title, as I feel that further Condemned games would have gotten more and more batshit crazy (in a good way, not in a F.E.A.R. way). I'd like to have seen Ethan's ethnicity inexplicably change each time.

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