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Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator, often just called "Condor", was built to provide a realistic gliding simulation and is aimed at competitive multiplayer, which supports up to 32 people.

It provides native TrackIR support, "Mouselook emulation with classic Webcameras and appropriate software" (likely referring to FaceTrackNoIR and FreeTrack) as well as realistic force feedback for FF-joysticks.

Condor was brought to life by two people from Slovenia, known as "Team Condor": Uros Bergant and Gregor Rozman. They were not satisfied with consumer flight simulation at the time and decided to create their own simulator.

Since the scene got too much concentrated only in graphics and started to forget what is the real soul of every flight simulation - physics model which should try to recreate as close as possible feel of real flying, the goal was set and Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator was born.

Condor Team

They reached their goal in November 2007. Overall it received positive reviews and was even featured and recommended in the German aviation magazine "der adler" in 2009.


By default Condor contains 13 planes, divided in 6 classes.

Standard class

  • ASW 28
  • LS 8
  • Discus 2

FAI 15 class

  • ASW 27
  • LS 6
  • Ventus

18m class

  • ASW 28-18
  • LS 8-s
  • Discus 2c

Open class

  • ASW 22
  • Nimbus 4

Acro class

  • Fox MDM-1

School class

  • ASK-13

Additionally there are two "Plane Packs" available, each unlocks five more planes in the simulation. As of March 2014, a third pack was announced but not yet released.

Plane Pack 1

  • ASG 29
  • Ventus 2cx
  • LS 10
  • Janatar 2b
  • PW 5

Plane Pack 2

  • ASW 15
  • ASW 19
  • Janatar Standard 3
  • Libelle
  • LS4

Condor comes with just the "Slovenia [1.03]" scenery by default, however, unlike the plane creation tools, the tools for scenery creation are publicly available and a lot of free- and payware scenery has been developed.

Additionally it contains 15 "flight school" missions which are meant to introduce beginners or advanced pilots to soaring, however it contains an easy-to-use task creator to build flight plans for competitive races, too.


  • Preflight check
  • Effects of commands
  • Turns
  • Winch launching
  • Aerotow launching
  • Traffic pattern and landing


  • Thermal soaring
  • Ridge soaring
  • Wave soaring
  • Upslope winds


  • Starting task and navigation
  • MC theory
  • Final glide


  • Loop
  • Stall Turn

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