'Conduit 2', not 'The Conduit 2', says producer.

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According to HVS, The Conduit 2 is actually called Conduit 2, without the 'The' in the title. 
I bring you this completely useless and unimportant piece of news to talk about why developers think this will make any difference. 
It does. Would you imagine if Star Wars went by it's original name The Star Wars? Or worse, the name that came before it: The Journal of the Whills: Episode 1: The Star Wars? 
ut it also brings about changes like from Mountain Dew to Mtn Dew .  
Or Pepsi Cola
to Pepsi .  
Or Nintendo Wii
to Wii. 
Are smaller, more compact names always better? Or does it just give a bad impression of being dumbed down? Does a long name mean that it is old and outdated, the opposite of hip?
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smaller compact names are very welcome, but when you have F.3.A.R. instead of F.E.A.R. 3 and DRIV3R instead of DRIVER 3, then we have a problem. 

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Brevity can sometimes be related to success, I suppose.  I doubt I'll buy C2 (which is what all the cool kids will call it) anyway.

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Less game titles should be preceded by a "The" or other such generic words.

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Eh, some games could do with shorter titles, but most of them are okay. I don't think adding or removing "the" from a title really makes much of a difference.
That said, adding "the" to Star Wars would be utterly moronic.

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@alexl86: The Star Trek

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